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According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are a total of 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the US. This number becomes even more astounding when you consider that there were only 402,000 women-owned businesses in 1972. It takes a lot of Hustle & Soul to run a business and we had the opportunity to interview one woman who runs several of them.

Dr. Ashley Lowe-Simmons, LCSW-C, FSW is the CEO of Conversations with A Clinician, the founder of Momz OnA Mission Inc., and the co-owner of Savvy Accomodations LLC. She runs them all beautifully while also being a full-time wife and mother. Dr. Ashley has accomplished a lot in her personal and professional life, so in this interview, we learned a little more about her businesses and her definition of success.

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Dr. Ashley: I’d say just be like the Energizer Bunny and keep going or get your Nemo on and just keep swimming. Your time will come. When discouragement comes or depression ensues, go get you a shot. A shot of dopamine that is. That simply means, engaging in a feel good activity.

What do you define as success?

Dr. Ashley: Success is subjective, it means something different for each person. Success for me changes over time, I am very ambitious, so I am always seeking to be better and improve. Success is also associated with financial freedom and the ability to live a life that I do not have to vacation from. Success is not having to look at a price tag to determine whether or not I will make the purchase. Success is being able to raise respectful and disciplined children that are equipped to live life in my absence. Success is being able to love my husband as a king, breaking all cycles of unhealthy relationships and traumatic behavioral patterns.

What was the inspiration behind starting Conversations With A Clinician?

Dr. Ashley: I started Conversations With A Clinician because God told me to start having conversations and that I was the clinician. This started in 2020 during Mental Health Awareness Month. I created activities and interviewed two people a week for the entire month. It was amazing. I thought it would just be for one month but so many people started asking about the show coming back once May was over, so I decided to continue. That grew into launching products to increase mental health awareness and now it has evolved into a private practice.

Women-owned businesses are active in a wide range of sectors and areas. With July being Minority Mental Health Month it was the perfect time to highlight a woman in this space.

Stay connected with Dr. Ashley:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-ashley-lowe-simmons-lcsw-c-05b40360

Instagram: @dr.alosimms

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