Doug Bennett Wants To Leave His Mark On The World

Doug Bennett is a man still coming into his own and saving thousands of dollars on therapy by telling everyone what’s wrong with him and realizing I’m not the only one going through these things. He is a Marine Corps veteran who realized it was easier for him to make it through the military than college until he got there and realized he would’ve rather been in New Student Orientation than Boot Camp. Doug is also a father who realizes that children are the real reward in life but you don’t get to enjoy that reward until they move out. All in all Doug Bennett is a man who wants to leave his mark on the world. So there is a clear and concise starting point for his son to take it further than Doug EVER could.

Doug brings vulnerability, originality, honestly edgy style to the comedy world that will make it a safe place by tearing down barriers illuminating differences but also highlighting similarities that will bring us all together. His desire is to unify and unite through the unison of laughter and thought.

He grew up in church, as a preacher’s kid. In Sunday school Doug would always have a unique perspective on Bible stories and verses that were given. His teachers would always say your perspective is very unique and different. As he grew, it went from biblical things to things in the world and Doug’s everyday life. So when it came to his comedy, Doug said will use his perspective as a way to enter his life into people’s thought processes and so Mr. Perspective was created.

With so many comedy podcast/radio shows out there — What sets Conversations with Comedians apart?

The diversity of thought, the unique perspective that we all share, our insight into not just comedy, but things of culture, politics, and the outlook on the world as well. Sure we converse with comedians but we converse about everything that Comedians think when they are not on stage, their preparation their everyday lives, and what the world around them has done to affect their comedy as a whole. We converse with Comedians to find out who they are beyond the stage.

Why should people tune in to Conversations with Comedians?

Tune in to be entertained, educated, and engaged on a new and unique level that only Conversations with Comedians can do. We have the new platform to bring the hottest and most popular Comedians coming through as we are establishing ourselves as the standard for media outlets when it comes to media and overall entertainment.

What can we be on the lookout for?

Growth & Expansion. Growth as an entertainer (comedian, radio host, and actor). To grace stages across the globe spread my perspective to unify, unite and spread joy thru the unison of laughter. Expansion through Conversations with Comedians as the gold standard in media outlets for Comedians (legends, established, and establishing comedians) to share their stories; triumphs, trials and etc.

Also to parlay this platform into more media avenues that will put me in a position to assist and elevate those in and out of the industry with talent whether in front or behind the stage. What’s next for me….you just have to wait and see but trust you will NOT be disappointed. Your patience will be rewarded.

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