Diverse Children’s Books Matter: A Conversation With Author, Juanita Banks-Whittington

According to HuffPost, kids’ books still have a lack of diversity problem. Juanita Banks-Whittington is someone that is on a mission to change all of that. Juanita is on a mission to educate and promote diversity and inclusivity in children’s books. She pursues to create more inclusive children’s books that represent and have characters that mirror diverse children through the movement Diverse Children’s Books Matter. 

She has two inspirational books set to hit the shelves this year: I Love My Daddy is a heartwarming children’s book about the special bond between a little girl and her father. Her second book, Who Am I, is featured in Joy 365 A Devotional For Joy Restoration along with a host of other phenomenal co-authors. Through her writing, Juanita aims to touch readers’ hearts and remind them of the beauty and resilience within themselves.

Please tell our readers about the dedication and compassion you have as a powerful force for positive change in the world. 

Juanita: I am a true champion for those in need. My unwavering commitment to helping others is an inspiration to all. I encourage your readers to follow and join my journey as I pursue to create a more inclusive and compassionate world. 

Why do Diverse Children’s Books Matter?

Juanita: Because inclusive children’s books that represent and have characters that mirror diverse children matter.

Thank you for your service as a Veteran! What else can you tell us about your background?

Juanita: I am a Wellness & DEI Practitioner, Civil Rights Advocate, wife, mother, and author. Full-time I am the first Diversity & Inclusion Specialist in the Chief Diversity Office at the Defense Information Systems Agency located on Fort Meade, Maryland.

In addition to devoting your life to serving others, you’re all about spreading joy. What goes into being the founder of Nehi Cares LLC?

Juanita: Through Nehi Cares LLC one of my primary focuses is helping people understand the healthy foundations of wellness and how they relate to diversity and inclusion at all stages of development, not just in the workplace. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise on these topics by speaking on panels or providing training sessions. Through my work, I aim to promote a more inclusive and healthy society for all.

More on Juanita Banks-Whittington

Juanita is a highly educated and skilled individual, who has completed multiple military training programs, and competitive federal government leadership programs. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland Baltimore. Additionally, she holds certifications in Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion, and Mediation, giving her the unique ability to identify and eliminate disparities faced by individuals based on various factors such as race, sex, gender, age, and disability.

For the next six months, she plans to do book readings, network, build partnerships, and promote the importance of why diverse children’s books matter.

Learn more: 

Instagram: @nehi_cares_llc

Website: https://nehicares.com/

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