Damienne Flagler: The Million-Dollar Beauty Boss Embracing Every Rhythm of Success

Gone are the days when women were to be seen and not heard. And if you want to make a difference in the world – especially in business – you need to be willing to make a little, or like Damienne Flagler, A LOT of noise. A serialpreneur and CEO of Denine Defined Salon and beauty products, she realized quickly that no one would listen to someone who doesn’t believe in their own message or brand. To be effective in anything you pursue, you must first believe in yourself. Once you do, others will follow. But it’s not enough to just have faith in your vision for your brand; you have to be able to articulate it clearly and concisely. This is what Flagler does best. She is a master at communicating her ideas and motivating others to believe in what she offers. As a result, she has built a successful empire of businesses and is one of Atlanta, Georgia’s most sought-after coiffure gurus.

I was able to chat with the beauty business mogul, and she is as inspiring as her products are. Flagler is not afraid to share who she is – boldly and out loud. She is always candid, funny, and relatable, whether having raw but positive conversations on her popular YouTube channel or giving clients a peek into her busy life. And despite her packed schedule, Flagler is now adding being a music artist to her portfolio. During the interview, what resonated the most was her dedication to making a difference in the world. She is always looking for ways to give back and help others, whether through her products or philanthropy.


Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today. You are an extradentary woman, so I have to ask: Hair, Beauty, Music Artist, Product Developer…so many hats? Which would you say holds the most passion for you? Why?

All of my hats hold the same amount of passion for me because they all are a part of me, and I give each of them my all. I may be more skilled at one, but I’ve been blessed with many gifts and interests that all bring me a level of happiness. Each of them holds a special place in my heart because they united to create the woman and visionary I am today.

You are certainly not afraid to push boundaries or censor yourself. What is the foundation of your fearlessness?

The foundation of my fearlessness most definitely comes from my upbringing. My childhood strengthened me to withstand any obstacles that come my way. It also prepared me to tackle any tasks and goals I set to achieve. The experiences of my past have thickened my skin. So, I’m not as sensitive as I might have been during my growing phase. The challenges I faced during my youth gave me the confidence to overachieve so that I’m always greater than the old me.

With all, you’ve had and have going on with running a multimillion-dollar beauty empire, why music and why now?

I’m pursuing a career in music because it’s one of my many passions and talents. Also, I’ve uncovered a way to make rhythm and words reflect me and my personality. I have so much more to offer than just doing hair. Music is just another art form that I can use to express myself. I can connect to potential clients and my supporters who cannot sit in my chair and get their hair done by me through my music. I chose to embark on the journey now because I’ve mastered the hair game for a while and made my mark in the industry. I believe it’s time to tap into my other talents and introduce them to the world!

Damiemme Performs at 2021 Laceland Free Fest Concert

The music industry has greatly evolved over the last two decades. What has been your greatest challenge breaking into the industry, and what did you do to overcome that challenge?

Being very confident, I really don’t view music as a challenge, especially during this time. God blessed me with a platform with almost a million genuine supporters on Instagram and TikTok that will support my every move. Social media is one of the biggest avenues for music going viral and pushing it to the mainstream. Anything I want to do, I’ll figure out a way to do what needs to be done the best way I know-how. The only challenge I can anticipate is being distant from my clients. Accepting that I won’t be as available for them as I am accustomed to will be disheartening. My clients got me to where I am today, and I have to prepare to adjust my appointments around my new opportunities. I love my clients, and although we won’t have as much time together when my music really starts popping, I feel good knowing they will support the new ventures I’m embracing.

Damiemme Performs at 2021 Laceland Free Fest Concert

You have a new, very candid YouTube segment called “Cap Conversations?” What inspired this segment, and what do you hope people take away from watching it?

My new YouTube series, “Cap Conversations,” was inspired by the undeniable, organic love, great energy, real laughter, and overall motivation of almost every client I encounter. When some people think of salons and barbershops, the most common thing that comes to mind is the “tea” or “gossip” that is fostered in the beauty shop environment. That’s not the case at Denine Defined! When my clients and I have conversations, they are so pure and uplifting that I want the world to experience it without even being there.

Some conversations that I’ve had with clients have been life-changing for them and me! If I can share these exchanges with my virtual family and possibly make a difference in viewers’ lives, my job is well done. “Cap Conversations” also allow the world to witness how my clients connect with me and an up-close and personal view of how the therapeutic energy flows throughout the salon while my clients are getting their wig installations done. “Cap Conversations” show how we have fun and entertaining conversations without being messy. Not only does this show the world the bond I have with my clients. My clients are not just a dollar bill to me; it’s beyond money, THEY ARE MY FAMILY, and these conversations are genuinely authentic. I like to get to know and stay updated with the people who are pouring into my brand. Through the conversations alone, you all will see how deep some of these relationships are between my lovely clients and me. It’s important to me that you all get to see this because Denine Defined is standing strong because of these relationships. The passion I have for my people is the foundation Denine Defined is built on. If you want to experience the energy in the salon without being there, just watch “Cap Conversations.” You’ll see what it feels like to be a fly on the wall. If you haven’t sat in my chair to get your hair done after watching, you will definitely feel like a part of my family somehow.

Photo from Damienne Flagler Presents Laceland Free Fest 2021

Let’s talk about your philanthropy. Annually you host a free festival called “Laceland,” where you give back $250K in products and services. What inspired this festival?

Laceland Free Fest was inspired by the need to connect and give back during the pandemic of 2020. I wasn’t doing hair during that time, yet I made the most money I ever had any year in business. I was so thankful. It was my mission to share my blessings from God with His people. When the city opened up after COVID-19 shut down, I just wanted to put life back into the community by inviting them to come outside again and get pampered. I knew some women hadn’t had their hair, makeup, nails, etc., done in months due to the lockdown. Lots of men hadn’t got their hair cut, dreads retwisted, or facials in months since the shutdown occurred. Many people were afraid to come out, and others weren’t working due to lack of work and being laid off. Since I felt like the community was a bit deprived of connectivity from being confined to their house for so long, I wanted to give them hope again and offer all these services for free for one whole day. I just wanted my people to feel alive again by reintroducing them to the outside and showing my appreciation for all the support I received. I didn’t know how my event would bring hundreds of people together looking for the same thing I guess I was in need of, HOPE! My team and I donated over $250,000 in products, hair, and services. I personally loved seeing the confidence and spirits of the people elevated by simply receiving a product, wig, or beauty service. After I saw for myself how my Laceland Free Fest blessed so many and lifted the spirits of my community, I vowed to do it yearly. Laceland Free Fest 2023 will take place on Saturday, November 19th, at Denine Defined Salon in Smyrna, GA. Everyone is invited!

You have an upcoming Spyglass seminar where you teach others how to be successful in the beauty business. What does sharing knowledge mean to you?

Sharing knowledge means everything to me. Knowledge is power, and it’s the greatest gift anyone can receive. Material things can be taken away from you, but new skills and ideas will always be embedded into your brain. Once you fully learn something, it’s stuck with you forever, and what I’m teaching could help them make millions of dollars. When I instill all I know in my students, I know I’ve helped them take the next step in their journey to success. I’d rather share my knowledge with someone than give them money any day. When I give you money, once it’s spent, it’s gone. If I give you the knowledge and you apply that knowledge and will always know how to generate your own funds instead of waiting for a handout. With that knowledge, you can attain things you once thought you could never master.

Your seminar was not only a mind-shifter, but it also had a lot of other fun activities. Why is how you teach your students important to you? How is your method of teaching beneficial to their personal and professional growth?

How I reach my students is important to me because my approach to them will determine their perception of me. The way I teach them can affect them in a good way if I go about it properly. Also, it’s important that I don’t waste their time because that’s my time, too. It’s my job to provide students with what they came hoping to receive to help them elevate. If my assignment is well done, it will prompt them to get what they need to be done. I never want a student to feel like they have fallen short of what they have asked for. My teaching method is beneficial to their personal and professional growth because they may not remember everything I say in class. Still, they will always remember how I made them feel during those moments.

Photo from Damienne Flagler Presents Laceland Free Fest 2021

What is next for you?

What is next for me is more charity. My nonprofit, Denine Defined Donates, is in the making. My team and I are creating some very unique and profound programming to carry out my vision and my mission to uplift and educate. In addition to the annual Laceland Free Fest, I plan to give on a broader level. I understand that as I am blessed and gain more, I can give more and be a vessel to God’s people. This inspires and encourages me.

How can people connect and stay in touch with all you have going on?

People can stay in touch with me through my social sites from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat at Damienne Flagler. Please visit my website deninedefined.com or contact my Sr. Brand Manager, Trea Davenport, at trea@treaday.com for collaborations.

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