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The Magazine Conglomerate invites social entrepreneurs, leaders, founders, influencers, creatives, and more to share their voice and insight. If you would like to become a contributing writer or photographer or would like to discover more about our vision, then carefully please review our Editorial Guidelines via our Submittable editorial form.

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Thank you for considering this opportunity. We look forward to publishing your story via Digital or in Print. Please review the following guidelines carefully below as this leads to better chances of being published.

Please note that we are only accepting original content according to the categories listed below. We’re not looking for promoted events or specific brands. All stories submitted must be able to highlight a hustle, entertain, educate our readers on culture focus topics, current events, creative lifestyles, local to global issues, inform about initiatives, respond to relevant headlines, provide how-tos, tips, list ideas and advice for our readers. Our readers are millennials, social entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders, nonprofit founders, and the like.

Become a Contributing Writer

Upon submission approval, you will be invited to join The Magazine Conglomerate as a regular contributor and join our Private Writers Group where we share stories that you may like to consider covering beyond your first submission. Stay Tuned.

About Us

Hustle & Soul Magazine is a lifestyle media company with daily updated web content and bi-monthly print/digital magazine. The Magazine Conglomerate is read by men and women throughout the world and holds an influential voice within the culture and social good community. Hustle & Soul Magazine covers stories about the culture, fashion, social innovation and community, people and organizations pushing the culture forward locally and globally, conscious culture, and how-to’s for social entrepreneurship, nonprofit work and more.

People say we are “changing the world” but really we are “changing the conversation,” and we invite you to join us. We share stories of people who work boldly above and beyond their everyday responsibilities to inspire others. We talk about local and global problems and their solutions. 

What is our Vision?

We are looking to build a community of writers to lead the conversation when it comes to the latest in conscious culture – share about the big ideas, the problems, the solutions, and engage our readers with educational awareness of where our world is today by highlighting the hustle, the culture, innovative ideas, and more.

What are we looking for?

Real stories with real impact. Submitted stories may be used for Web and Print Stories. 

See example categories below.

Web Calendar

Each month we are looking for specific topics to align with special dates and holidays. See our Web Calendar here for inspiration. Please note that stories submitted for special dates need to be submitted 2 – 4 weeks in advance to allot for preparation time. Thank you!

Writing Guidelines

– Be clear and detailed with the message you are sending (leads to better chances for being published)

– Write with a creative, educational, informationative and conversational style

– 300 – 600 Words (Web)

– Include links when mentioning websites




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