Coach Tiffany: The Maven Providing More Than Childcare

Childcare requires a special level of patience, care, and love (and not just for the children). Entrepreneurs who decide to work in this field need to have these characteristics to be effective and have long-term success. This is something Coach Tiffany, Founder/Director of ABC Erie, a daycare that provides 24-hour childcare to more than 300 children, has learned from the beginning and over time.

Using her education, knowledge, and experience, Coach Tiffany has become more than “The Daycare Maven.” She gained (or better yet added) the title “coach” because the more she assisted people and companies in the development or improvement of childcare services, the more she created a brand around what she had to offer. Her level of expertise has more than lended a hand in creating a niche around childcare that was not there before.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the successful coach and entrepreneur, Coach Tiffany, to find out about her evolution from daycare to coaching and how she developed her brand to successfully shift gears while thriving as a daycare provider.

Dr. G.: From daycare to coaching, what inspired this shift in business?

Coach Tiffany: I still operate my daycare full time. I also provide coaching and consulting services for individuals and organizations wanting to establish, improve, or scale their daycare facility. I work closely with faith-based organizations and help them open in-house daycares. Corporations are also my clients. More and more companies are open to providing childcare is a part of their benefits packages. I’m the person that comes in and establish the correct infrastructure and oversee staff trainings for them. I find myself being inspired to share my strategies when I see daycares close. I often wonder why they closed. What didn’t they know? What didn’t they have?

Dr. G.: “Coach Tiffany.” How did you decide on that name for effective branding and how do you coach others on the importance of choosing names that will reflect not only who they are, but what they do?

Coach Tiffany: Choosing the correct name for your daycare is so important. I’ve seen so many of my clients overthink it. Keep it simple is my advice. I recommend choosing something that’s easy to pronounce and spell. Daycare names don’t have to be fancy. However, they need to be understood.

Dr. G.: What impact do you intend to make through coaching?

Coach Tiffany: I intend to help 100  female daycare providers earn six figures over the next eighteen months without burning out or acquiring large amounts of debt through my grant writing services, coaching, and consulting. I also want to help churches on a national level by establishing an additional stream of income and better serve their communities by opening up a successful daycare facility.

Dr. G.: What have you learned most about being in business that lends a hand to the training or workshops you offer?

Coach Tiffany: I’ve learned you have to embrace doing business more than one way. Knowing how to establish multiple streams of income and setting up the back office of your daycare is essential for longevity. Just like the pandemic that we all faced. Incoming grant funds was stream that we could depend on without hesitation. I hold free monthly grant writing webinars to educate my clients and daycare startups. There are so many great grant opportunities that are overlooked. Also, running your daycare like an actual business is another session I teach.

Dr. G.: What are some other projects you’re currently working on or involved in?

Coach Tiffany: I have several digital tools and resources coming out that will definitely help daycare bosses get organized and remain in compliance with their state requirements. I’m also planning some upcoming business events. I will be hosting a summit and several intimate learning opportunities for daycare owners.

Dr. G.: How can people connect and keep up with everything you have going on?

Coach Tiffany: You can connect with me at my website

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