Coach Ayesha Gears Up To Launch Coaches of Atlanta TV Series

The CEO of Exploring Your Purpose Program, Coach Ayesha is currently working on a motivational/ journal guidebook to be released by 2024. This book is being created to help and inspire those that are watching how to develop their life goals, purpose, and plan.

Also, as of late, she is gearing up to launch a TV series titled Coaches of Atlanta. Join us as we learn all about it.

We are excited to learn about your project with Coaches of Atlanta Cast which is produced and owned by you. What can you share with us?

Coach Ayesha: For the last past two years, I have been working on a TV series called Coaches of Atlanta! The TV show focuses on coaches, and real-life coaches in the community, teaching children, youth teens, and or adults in a sport-related field. These real-life coaches, work day to day with empowering, teaching, lifting, and being the pillars of the community for a tomorrow. These coaches have to show and demonstrated life between personal and real-life coaches!

We understand that you have an Arts Program that has been featured on the Lifetime Channel. Congratulations! Please tell us all about it.

Coach Ayesha: was featured in the New York Times on channel 2 Lifetime, Herald, Stockbridge paper, and NAACP to name a few. In the capacity of us dance programs for the youth. Our first focus for the next six months in addition to our state and federal Contracts is really releasing the Coaches of Atlanta TV series.

What does the Spring of 2023 look like for Coach Ayesha?

Coach Ayesha: Spring has been very busy and the capacity of launching our new awarded contracts, state and federal with DFCS, Ticket to Work, and definitely launching Coaches of Atlanta tv Series. In addition to all the state and federal contracts, we have been working very hard and persistent in finalizing our filming for our phenomenal 8 cast members of Coaches of Atlanta feature Coach Pam, Coach Bj, Coach Deja, Coach Scar, Coach Moe, Coach Campbell, Coach Patrick, and Coach Slim. As the writer/director/producer, I’m excited to showcase what real-life sports coaches do in and outside of the game.

What would you say is the soul, drive, and passion of what you do?

Coach Ayesha: I will definitely say soul, drive, and passion all combined in one creates -what you do with your passion, driving from your soul. We must utilize our passions in our life goals to push forward. I always say “Do what you love and love what you do and get paid for it”!

In addition to being a pillar of your community, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Coach Ayesha: In my spare time, I enjoy being a community advocate, helping those who are in need and inspiring those who are low and need to drive along to help them seek their purpose. As in the tv series “Coaches of Atlanta,” I have identified a few real-life coaches that do the same thing.

Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet, that you aspire to in the future? If so, what is it?

Coach Ayesha: I’m always developing and planting ideas to generate a positive outcome. Who knows maybe running for a political seat might get me on the list. Who knows?!

What advice would you have for anyone who is seeking ways to give back to their community?

Coach Ayesha: Advice. I will give is always do what you love, love what you do, and get paid doing it. For it has a positive outcome to have a positive measure for my Coaches of Atlanta Cast that continue to lead to aspire to be better and great! Stay tuned!

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