CheMinistry, a Relationship Platform Set to Begin Seven-City Tour

CheMinistry is a relationship platform created to bridge the gap between purpose-driven men and women who desire to progressively move their love life to the next level. CheMinistry is scheduled to begin a seven-city tour in January 2022.

CheMinistry is where the challenging work starts. Creating a space free of judgment and absolute love where transparency and candid dialogue is moderated by Chanel Scott, creator of CheMinistry, and Josh Powell, 2x NBA Champion and co-creator of CheMinistry. The panelists are represented by some of pop culture’s most prominent celebrities and influencers who possess the ability to articulate the male and female perspectives in the context of romantic relationships.

Atlanta is their first stop on the tour which will take place on January 29th! This event is a panel discussion and will include Chanel, Josh, Jason LeeDrew Sidora, and Pastor Dwight Buckner Jr

Josh and Chanel jump-start the conversation by first peeling back the layers surrounding some of the more critical issues that plague romantic relationships in today’s culture. It is their belief that acknowledging our fears, our insecurities, and our pain will help create a new sense of awareness and a more objective perspective as they engage the audience in a series of intimate exchanges and compelling conversations.

Hustle and Soul Magazine readers, please enjoy our interview with Josh and Chanel. 

Happy New Year! What are you looking forward to and what do you have coming up?

Chanel: I am looking forward to a healthy and happy 2022. We have so many new business ventures that we are about to embark upon. We have the relaunch of CheMinistry 2.0 The Rebirth, where we are doing a 7 city tour, 2 stops in Atlanta, 2 stops in Charlotte, 2 stops in Dallas, and a reunion show. We would like to expose and allow more and more people to experience CheMinistry and what it is we bring to the platform. Josh and I are working on our first book entitled Love At War: The Enemy Within. We are also working on a podcast entitled “Relationships Matter”, where we deal with relationships and mental health. So overall we are looking forward to a successful year and expanding our brand into new areas.

Josh: I just look forward to another year and another opportunity to serve and do work for the Most High. I am very excited about the opportunity of CheMinistry and what this platform brings to the table. Excited about how we will be able to help many men and many women who are dealing with understanding relationships, in relationships, or seeking relationships. I am also looking forward to the book that we will be putting out. I truly believe it will be very helpful in giving advice on how to build a strong foundation as it relates to a healthy relationship.

I’m also looking forward to the podcast. I guess it’s safe to say business will be booming. But all things that are being done are being done behind passion and with the right heart and mentality. My biggest thing is to serve, to give back, and to show people what love, communication, friendship, and health look like. There are a lot of stigmas that are in relationships. There are also a lot of other things that people continue to find fault with and there’s a lot of excuses that people continue to lean upon. They then complain about what is not going right, when clearly they are not willing to do the work. We want to be able to get rid of those ideas, unlearn to relearn, which is what the Rebirth is all about. So I’m looking forward to a strong 2022. Business will be done!

In what ways do you believe you make an impact in the world?

Chanel: While Josh was speaking I saw this as the next question and honestly I was struggling with it. And that may be because sometimes I can be a little modest or maybe just not want to articulate or express myself in that way. But I think how Josh just described how CheMinistry is looking to impact the world without me even asking, definitely covered this. So we can just move on to the next question. Kudos to Josh!!

What is it about the work that you do that gives you fulfillment?

Chanel: I think for me, I believe I get fulfillment because I have a voice. Having experienced quite a bit of failed relationships and not necessarily having a voice or the opportunity to express myself, CheMinistry empowers me. Having been misunderstood often, CheMinistry allows me the space to be able to share my experiences, be transparent, be expressive, articulate, and just really have those conversations that most times you don’t get to have. A lot of times we walk away from failed friendships, relationships, situationships, not really understanding what went wrong or either personalizing this hurt and this pain not realizing it has nothing to do with us. This platform provides that opportunity.

Josh: What gives me fulfillment is being an example of love. And what I mean by that is, just being able to show people what it looks like coming out of trauma, coming out of abuse, coming out of toxic generational curses, and everything else under the sun. But not just showing what it looks like but being able to show that it does not get in the way of who we are. Those experiences don’t make me that person, they’re not who I am, and they do not define me. I am no different from anyone else. I am not perfect, I have fallen and I have gotten up and have fallen again. So I just want to show through my efforts it has given me the heart, mindset, and willingness to want and be for one the best version of myself, for 2 an example of love, light, and positivity, and for 3 which is 1,2, and 3 an example of what a servant of the Creator looks like. Someone who many people can understand, many people can relate to and many people can identify with.

What are some super fun facts about yourself that many people may not be aware of?

Josh: I don’t know, maybe that I’m silly, I have a good heart and a good sense of humor. Also, they should know, I am someone who is relatable. I think a lot of times people put me on this pedestal because of my career or because of my accomplishments but not really knowing or understanding that I’m just like them. I’ve always been humble and I’m going to continue to be that way. Just going to continue to lead by example.

Chanel: Well, I don’t know if it’s super or fun but something you (Josh) just said stuck out to me, and it’s being relatable. I mean CheMinistry was inspired by the mere fact that I have had my fair share of rejection and failed relationships. And so, while you may see a lot of branding and images and things of that nature; people do not realize that you are a real person and you have real experiences. The whole reason we are up there, well for me, I want to share some of those experiences and if I can help one person to not make some of the same mistakes that I have made in the past, then I have done my work. So I am not sure if that is super or fun but those are some things people may not know about me.

What words of encouragement would you have for our readers for the new year?

Josh: Words of encouragement that I would have is something that I live by, put yourself first, love yourself, and fall in love with yourself over and over again. I think that the more we start to see ourselves and the healthier we become, we then can attract the things that we want. Once we get rid of the things that are not meant for us like the energies, the people, the situations or circumstances that don’t serve us or no longer serve us; they will slowly start to fall away and be something of the past. We need to learn to be in more purposeful and meaningful relationships across the board. No matter if it is a personal friendship, a relationship with your significant other, (if you have children) that relationship, even in business, always be the best version of yourself. Conduct yourself in a manner in which you attack the day totally different than you would have in your past.

Chanel: I think for me, the words of encouragement for the new year, is a word, and that is persistence. If you have a vision or a purpose that GOD has given you, be persistent. Don’t give up. Start. You don’t have to have all the money, you don’t have to have all the resources, you may not even have all the support that you think you need. But start, and GOD will meet you exactly where you are and He will provide in those areas that you may have thought you were lacking in.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Josh: What I want my legacy to look like is, people respect me and the work that I have done so much to the point that they would be willing to do for my children, simply because of how I carried myself. They would be willing to look out for them, give them a helping hand, speak a word of wisdom, be loving, kind, and caring to them as if they were one of their own based on how their old man carried himself. The most important thing to me is knowing that I can be impactful in such a way that somebody would look out for someone that I love or someone that I care about.

Chanel: What would I like for my legacy to look like? I don’t have kids. I think for me, because I’m so passionate about relationships. If I could just create a space that helps influence people’s outlook when it comes to relationships then I’m good. Nowadays, people don’t love anymore, people just do. You know? A lot of times people have warped perspectives on past experiences or past traumas of things that they have experienced and they are not really open to a new perspective or a new way of doing things. We rest on our point of view without hearing the other person. So if I could just create a space free of judgment with absolute love, where we can have a transparent and open dialogue that will erase certain stigmas that we see in relationships today and allow for change. Then, I’ve done my life’s work. Because that’s important to me, I’m putting in the work, and I want to be able to extend that help and healing to someone else.

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