CEO of K Luv Culture LLC, Katisha Jallow Advocates For Mental Health Awareness In Culture, Media, Entertainment, Business, and More!

Please tell us about your company K Luv Culture LLC and the services you provide? 

Katisha: K Luv Culture is about how I ( Katisha) Love Culture. Culture stands for Cultivate U Living to Unite Relationships Everyday. My company fully supports mental health in culture, media, entertainment, music, lifestyles, immigration, and business.  The services include  

  • Life Coaching (specifically in Business and Artist Development) 
  • Business Consultant (Start up and Strategic Planning) 
  • Talent and Music Management 
  • Immigration Services 

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

Katisha: What inspired me to become an entrepreneur is that my current job just was not my total passion.  I have never had a job of routine. Every day was a different responsibility or task.  So I knew there were a lot more people like me so I always knew that being an entrepreneur in these services would help people balance life and professional skills. 

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Katisha: I love interacting with people, going to different places around the world, eating all types of food of course, and listening to international music.   

What was it like for you to be awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree of Theology? 

Katisha: Being awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree of Theology was the biggest milestone for me especially when I only had an Associate Degree. I was at a point in My life always asking “Why I do what I do” so when I went to the BET Awards I met a lady and when she asked what do I do for a living, I had an earful of things to tell her what I do. But when she asked why do I do it. I told her God gave me a task and I am working on the assignment(s).  

When I found out who she was she later reached out and told me she would like to nominate me for the Honorary Doctorate. In Humor, I was so excited, and even though the award was for human services for my nonprofit but it was in Theology. I looked up to God and said thank you.   

As a Talent Agent, what have been some of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

Katisha: The Talent Agent was just licensed this year. I have been doing mostly background acting for the last four years in California. I am between California and Florida and decided to get licensed.  The most memorable moments are being on shows for Facebook TV about mental health, law, and suicide prevention, one reality show about meeting psychic and medium reading was quite interesting, and overall just being cast for channels many watch now is the most exciting feeling. I have so much fun and just playing roles has been my best interest growing up.    

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

Katisha: I look forward to having more of a social presence through modeling, acting, commercials, brand ambassador events, and public speaking.  

About Katisha

Katisha Jallow served over 21 years in the Military working in areas as Military Police, Human Resources, Professional Development, Operational Training, Suicide Prevention, Victim Advocacy, and Risk Management. Katisha volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Children to be the voice to children in the court system. In addition, she dedicated a few hours to training as a Crisis Line Counselor at Suicide Prevention Center.

She became a Certified Life Coach and used her Suicide Prevention Trainer skills to create a nonprofit organization, California Suicide Prevention Network ( to promote awareness, resources and conduct educational workshops. She is a member of Veterans Media and Entertainment, American Legion Post, sit on boards with  Home Owners Association, and the Los Angeles Citizens Academy Alumni Association.

She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Technology and was studying Psychology in Media and Entertainment.  Katisha was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Theology. Katisha has a company called K Luv Culture LLC that specializes in Life Coaching, Business Strategic Consultant, Immigration services, and Artist Development.  She is a licensed Talent agent and loves to incorporate her services in the Music, Media, and Entertainment industries. Her passion for music is Lyrics is a Lifestyle. 

Keep up to date:

Instagram @katishajallow and @kluvculture


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