Celebrity Kids Hair Care Line Gets Raving Review From Hip Hop Icon Master P

Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care, was founded by a serial entrepreneur, Betty Ceus. As a single mother of two and educator for the past fifteen years Betty has earned her immense recognition. As one of the top haircare brands in  New York City and in the haircare field, NBK has been nationally celebrated for its innovative products that highlight all hair textures in the predominantly African- American community. The popularity of the extraordinary brand landed in the hands of hip-hop icon Master P. Master P labeled the product a “nine out of ten”. Quoting “ This product is incredible…  I can’t wait to see this product everywhere.  Support this brand, Wow!” Master P’s review of the black-owned business landed over 20000 views and exposure to nearly 3 million. Which, gained the NBK brand a new variety of clientele. 

Heighting in its notoriety similar to the rap pioneer, Master P,  a vast quantity of celebrity children have supported the NBK products. The famed children in which have supported NBK reigns to from Meghan & Morgan True Blue Twin, actresses Andrea & Selena from Netflix “Holiday Rush”, River Mason Eromosele best-selling author seen on Forbes, actress Rylee Gabrielle King from “The Photograph” movie, and Lyanie B Jean the niece of Grammy award-winner Wycleaf Jean. In which, are just a few notable celebrity children to embrace brands’ amazing quality of products.  

In 2016, subsequent to observing the consistent struggles parents shared with their children’s hair. As well, the founders own complexities unearthing quality haircare products for her own daughter led her on an innovative entrepreneurial journey, Having a vast zeal for children the brand, Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care, launched. In 2017, following her pursuit in quality hair care the founder acquired her stylist license. Over the duration of four years NBK has dominated in being a children’s hair care line that empowers children with diverse hair textures to love their hair. In addition, NBK has successfully provided a solution that assists parents in increasing mixture retention and promotes healthy hair growth.

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Betty Ceus.

Tammy Reese: How has business been during the pandemic?

Betty Ceus: Like many businesses, Natural Bunch Kids have been impacted by the Pandemic, we faced many challenges such as packaging shortages, delivery delays, and other behind the scenes set backs, however, we continue to keep our customers informed in these difficult times. We remained positive and saw an increase in support from our loyal customers as well as new ones. With every challenge, keeping a level head and having faith are necessary to get through it all. We are looking forward to getting back to a new normal and committed to bringing amazing customer service, smiles, amazing products, and a few things in store that we are excited about. So stay tuned!

Tammy Reese: What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Betty Ceus: Knowing that we are creating something that would affect the lives of children well into their adulthood brings a joy that can’t be described in one word. So many adults are
relearning, dismantling the negative stigma they’ve been conditioned to believe regarding their natural hair. Our hope is to plant the positive seeds of love, awareness, and the truths about the Kinky, Coily, Curly, Loc’d textures early in our natural hair children, and that they are NOT the “nappy headed “ child that has to dread the wash day and styling routine.

Tammy Reese: We understand you received rave reviews from Hip Hop Icon Master P. What was that like for you?

Betty Ceus: The acknowledgment received by Master P and his team was one of definite excitement, gratitude, and confirmation. Master P and his genie, even scoring Natural Bunch Kids at a 9 on the scoring scale, was a real blessing for the Natural Bunch Kids brand. Both Master P and his genie spoke life and prosperity over NBK and so we received those positive words spoken and will continue to work on bringing them to fruition.

Tammy Reese: What are some currently highly recommended Natural Bunch Kids Hair Care products our readers should get right away?

Betty Ceus: The warmer season is upon us, which means it’s time to make a few changes to your little one’s daily and weekly hair care routine with different products. We recommend our Moisture Bunch which will assist the little ones with maintaining moisture for the dryer, hotter months.

Tammy Reese: Any Summer hair care tips for parents to consider for their kids?

Betty Ceus: The name of the game for the summer months is MOISTURE, with more and more
curly children participating in recreational activities such as swimming, sports, and overall playing outside in the hot, humid, direct sunlight, one of the most important hair care tips for parents during the summer months for their kids is to hydrate inside and out. We can’t stress it enough, healthy hair begins from the inside out. Drinking lots of water is a must, not only does water hydrate the body, it will help keep the hair moisturized as well, don’t forget to seal in moisture once the hair is hydrated.

During the summer months, protective styling can be a life-saver, in fact, we highly recommend it, however with some caution. Activities such as swimming in chlorine-treated pools, and a trip to the beach, parents have to consider the additional maintenance for these activities, especially when to take down. Co-Wash is still recommended while wearing the protective style.

Parents may wash the hair more frequently to remove sweat and build-up from the scalp. A Conditioning Co-Wash works great to refresh the hair and rid it of dirt and sweat. Be sure to not strip the scalp of its natural oils, these tips will help to keep their natural hair healthy and moisturized during the summer months.

Tammy Reese: What is some advice you would have for mompreneurs?

Betty Ceus: Being an entrepreneur requires several hats alone with many sacrifices, but who best to master those hats but a MOM. A mompreneur must have the ability to prioritize a
laundry list of tasks, set boundaries, find balance with home life and the 24hr entrepreneur lifestyle which is the ultimate challenge, this is one of many recipes for success.

The Mompreneur must remain a student, ask many questions, know it’s ok to fail forward but continue pushing forward and not allow fear to control you. Don’t give up, always get up and try again trusting the process, this will be the test to reaching the desired goals.

For more information please visit www.naturalbunchkids.com

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