Celebrating Juneteenth With Dessy&CO Owner, 
J’Desray Hicks

Dessy&CO Owner, J’Desray Hicks was inspired to become an entrepreneur when she was employed as an HHA worker while attending nursing school. As she worked there for a few years J’Desray started to learn the business and thought to herself “I can do this”! She stepped out on faith to purchase her first home, gained relationships with many hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and in the year 2012 Loving Hands LLC. was an established AFC Home in many cities surrounding the Metro Detroit area.

J’Desray Hicks is our ancestor’s wildest dream!

Please tell us about yourself.

I am J’Desray Hicks owner of DESSY&CO. Boutique Proud wife and mother of 3 amazing sons.

What are you passionate about?

I’m most passionate about my family and the growth of Dessy&CO. and my husband trucking business Hicks Xtreme Logistics. For me, laying down the foundation of generational health & wealth is very important. Also giving back and empowering women to never be afraid of success in fact take that emotion as fuel and go after your DREAM!

How would you describe your work ethic?

I would describe my work ethic to be very hard working. Whenever I get an idea for Dessy&CO it automatically becomes a goal, then comes a plan to execute each idea and get it DONE! I love what I do!

Juneteenth is coming up. How do you celebrate it?

Juneteenth is such an amazing special day to spend with people that empower and loved on one another in such a positive way. And I plan to be apart of all the festivities of greatness.

What else do you think our readers should know about you?

Dessy&CO has so many upcoming projects and I’m so excited! Starting with Dessy&CO store on wheels and two new locations openings this summer.

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