Celebrating Black Business Month With CEO of CandiLash Wax and Wellness Spa, Nykki Lee

The CEO of CandiLash Wax and Wellness Spa, Nykki Lee is a licensed, Medical Esthetician and Serial Entrepreneur. Also, it is the first Black woman-owned spa of its kind in Port City. Nykki owns her feminine care product line, It’s Like Candi, which was created to offer top-quality products for her loyal spa clients and brand supporters all over the globe who want to partake in the CandiLash experience. Possessing a passion for fashion since a child, she also operates her own boutique-style mother-brand, Pretti n Pink Beautique LLC.

Nykki was born in Detroit Michigan and raised in Mobile, Alabama, where she has set up shop with the businesses she owns and operates today. Growing up and losing her father to gun violence and almost losing her mother to the same, she had to relocate often but did not lose her faith. Always staying focused on her goals, she attended Georgia Perimeter College for Practical Nursing and International Skin & Nail School for Aesthetics. She has worked in the medical field as an LPN for many years prior to branching off into entrepreneurship.

Now, being a full-time entrepreneur of 3 businesses, Nykki is gearing up to enter the world of next-level teaching and supporting other professionals and aspiring business owners who are looking to work within aesthetics and the Med-Spa industry. She has appeared on various business panels and women empowerment events as an expert speaker and successful spa professional.

Hustle and Soul Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Nykki.

When you make appearances at panels and events, what topics do you focus and speak on?

Nykki: I focus on self-care, and overcoming adversity, and when my mind shifted. I began to be open and receptive to the many blessings that were/are stored up for me. I started believing all the things I journaled about and prayed for. Most importantly I started my journey on personal development and emotional intelligence.

How do you want your clients to feel after experiencing a day at CandiLash Wax and Wellness Spa?

Nykki: CandiLash Is a safe Haven where women come to indulge in our self-care services such as eyelash extension (the eye are the window to your face), Brazilian wax (we don’t focus on the vanity of this service but the many benefits of it), Yoni Steam ( Yoni steaming cleanses the womb from emotional/sexual trauma, prevents yeast infections, bacteria infections, regulate menstrual cycles, etc. We also offer body contouring (noninvasive nonsurgical) customized to fit each individual needs.

What can you share with us about Pretti n Pink Beautique LLC.?

Nykki: Pretti n Pink Beautique LLC dba Pink Candy Waxing Lounge stems from 2010 when I completed ISSN to become an aesthetician. At the time my passion was speed Brazilian waxing. So, I opened my 1st salon suite selling lingerie and offering facials and waxing services. I just kept this name because this name is what sparked me into entrepreneurship.

In what ways do the services you provide as a business owner vital to self-care?

Nykki: I believe that self-care is a lifestyle not only by the services that we offer but by the conversation and topics that are discussed during our customer’s visits. So many women have been healed from me pouring into them spiritually. The lashes, teeth whitening, waxing, and products are a magnet to get them there.

What do you like to do in your spare time and can you share some tips on how you self-care?

Nykki: In my spare time, I enjoy being Ouma to my beautiful granddaughters, traveling with my amazing husband, reading, and at times just being present by absolutely doing nothing.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Nykki: I am sooo excited about my new feminine all-natural product line. It will give me more opportunities to speak to teens and women domestically and globally about the importance of self-care, vagina health, hygiene, etc.

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