Catch a First Class Fight to Learning this Year with Educator and CEO Jessica Jones-Williams

Education is a real sketchy topic right now in America. Student loans are crazy and they are still not canceled (hopefully not for long). Pursuing education here in America is also considered a scam and pointless. But could it be that we aren’t fully aware of what true education is? Could it be that we aren’t aware of how it suppose to look causing us to miss out on benefits? I believe we aren’t as educated on education and the principles behind it as we should. And because of this, we set our future generation up for failure before they can even start. This isn’t to say that success is far-fetched but the road to it seems to become more and more unachievable day by day. 

I had the privilege of speaking with Jessica Jones-Williams, educator and CEO of the First Class Learning Academy. With over 20 years of combined instructor experience, First Class Learning Academy serves students aiming to reach their maximum academic potential. Jones-Williams and the academy’s executive staff create individualized educational plans to coach each student through remediation or college prep coursework—as well as provide academic coaching for youth between the ages of 12-30. We spoke about implementing new practices and thoughts to change the narrative of education being worthless and how her company comes in to help undergird the shift. 

Check out the interview below. 

Education is highly praised yet highly criticized here in America, what are some ideologies you implement to change the narrative and bring a balance?

Jessica Jones-Williams I believe that every student should have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  Learning yourself academically is just as important as learning yourself socially, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc.  Academics are just a small category under the umbrella of Education.  As a society, we have placed a high demand on Math, Science, Social Studies/History, English, Physical Education, and Arts and labeled it as Academics which is great because all topics generally fall within these categories! However, the problem lies because most of us have been taught that we are not educated unless we can meet certain standards within a certain time frame during a particular time of the day following a set of generalized principles that have been proven to be successful until it’s not. When I work with my clients, I get to know them as an individual and use their strengths to strengthen their weaknesses but let them know that it’s okay to not have “this”, whatever “this” is, as a weakness! Honesty and confidence are the greatest balance strategies that I have implemented into my programs with my clients.   

First Class Learning Academy is slated to have had great success, what is your reasoning behind seeing such great reports?

Jessica Jones – Williams I believe we have achieved our success by taking our time to work with our clients and change/empower the community one learner at a time.  This is the heart of the program.  Every client gets 100% of our time and focus and we work diligently to make sure that we are meeting their needs and continuously developing a plan and strategy to keep them growing and challenged. Our goal is not to retain our clients for over a long period of time, but to empower them to be able to become independent learners who can implement the strategies taught and maintain their growth. If they run into a hiccup, no problem!  We are ready to work with them again…once a client, always a client. We develop a relationship, it’s not just a business for us, but a family.  

My mom has been in education for 30+ years, so growing up with an educator as a parent, you begin to breathe it, therefore I understand the challenges that the slightest change in the world can create. With students who are enrolled in the virtual academy, what are some hardships you’ve encountered due to Pandemic and all that it brought? And has your methods improved those challenges?

Jessica Jones – Williams Before the pandemic, we were virtual and utilized the technology to interface with clients that were not local to our office, presented schedule conflicts, or even just a general personal preference. Therefore, as an academy, we were prepared for the virtual influx.  However, our challenge was the impact that the Pandemic had on the income of our clients. Some clients were no longer able to afford services and potential clients could not sign up/enroll due to financial hardships and the economic impact due to the loss of jobs and income.  

As an organization, we offered discounts, lowered prices, as well as created some scholarships so that we were able to accommodate as many of our families as possible. The only requirement was that the client had to want to be a part and willing to show up to the sessions and put forth their best effort.  We were not able to bring on more Academic Specialists and even minimized our marketing due to limited funding. However, thankfully, we have had some private investors who believe in our vision that has allowed us to afford to maintain the academy during the Pandemic. 

Because it is a virtual academy, I’m assuming it is open for students everywhere, if so, how can they enroll?

Jessica Jones – Williams Yes, our academy is available worldwide and we have clients locally, nationally, and internationally!  We are excited about how we have expanded and we do look forward to the future interests and growth!  

Our enrollment process is simple, just express interest and one of our team members will contact you within 48 hours!  

Our local office number is 404-307-0782, our international WhatsApp number is Belize +501-654-5064, we are located on Facebook under the page First Class Learning Academy, Instagram under 1stclass_services, and LinkedIn under Jessica Williams or First Class Learning Academy.  You can visit our website at or send an email to   

I believe 2022 is a year of collaboration, partnership, and expansion. Is there anything that the world can expect from First Class Learning Academy this year in those aspects? For those who want to partner with you, how can they do so?

Jessica Jones – Williams I absolutely agree that 2022 is the year!!! We are launching multiple divisions within the overarching organization First Class.  By the second quarter, we are looking to have our Health and Wellness, Travel, Experience, and Mind, Body, & Soul divisions released! Our clients and future clients will have the option to be able to obtain a membership that will give them access to First Class Services by paying a monthly or annual fee!  We are super excited for the vision and know that it will impact the communities in a tremendous way! 

For those who are interested in partnering with us, please send us an email at that gives an overview on how you would like to partner and the terms of the partnership that you would like to be presented to our board! We would then schedule a Zoom meeting so that we can have a formal meeting to discuss the terms of the partnership.  

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you about First Class Learning Academy success and future plans and goals!!! 

And it was such a great pleasure speaking with her as well. Be sure to connect with First Class Learning Academy and grow even more!

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