Casay Vaughn & Jay Claxton: Example of Black Love

With almost a quarter of a century in the entertainment industry, Dr. Casay Vaughn continues to push the envelope and dominates her role in the media industry. Casay Vaughn is an American Media and Business Strategist. In Media, she is known as both the master strategist and super producer. Dubbed the “Media Maven” Casay has produced both Television and Radio.

She has worked with companies such as NBC, TV One, Radio One BET and SiriusXM where she has left a major blueprint in the industry. Casay has worked with numerous Celebrities and Athletes and multiple Record Labels. Currently, CaSay serves as Vice President Board of Directors, The Black Media Honors.

In 2019, Casay created the first-ever, Black Mobile Mall in the DMV area bringing together African American Entrepreneurs in an effort to create financial literacy, while uplifting and motivating his community. Casay is the perfect balance of work and family.

As a community advocate, Casay has established a relationship with the country’s top Pediatric Hospital. Twice a year she co-hosts a toy drive that serves over two thousand kids, and in the fall she services several hundred children with backpacks and school supplies. Her mantra model after her dad, “I will rather be a Servant than a Celebrity.” “My goal is to be able to serve and give back”.

Celebrity and Tour DJ Jay Claxton founded DJ’s Vote. DJ’s Vote is a nonpartisan organization designed to represent the concerns and interests of all people. DJ’s Vote is not affiliated with any political party.

As an Influencer and On-Air Personality, Jay Claxton is a powerhouse in the media industry with major interviews under his belt including ‪The Late Nipsey Hustle and Pop Smoke, Gucci Mane‬, T.I, Future, Jeezy, ‪Fat Joe‬, ‪Dj Khaled‬, ‪Meek Mill‬, to name a few.

Casay and Jay have 5 businesses, including a travel agency and a clothing line. Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview during Valentine’s Day weekend with this inspirational, powerhouse Black Couple that truly has the Love Business on Lock.

Both Jay and Casay know how blessed they have been throughout their career. They continue to use their platforms paying their blessings forward to empower and give back to others through their creative, humanitarian, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Tammy Reese: As a Black power-couple, entrepreneurs, and influencers, you both do so much individually and collectively. Please tell me about your travel business?

Casay Vaughn: We have 5 businesses and we travel a lot. We give a lot of money to corporations due to traveling, it was brought to our attention how we could get paid off of traveling. We know a lot of people who travel as well so I began to research the travel industry, the stocks, the trends, commissions, certifications, and the agencies.

Our journey is all about generational wealth which is building each other and building a platform for our kids. So the travel agency came about because we love to travel. It’s an amazing commission and we have friends who love to travel. So why not? It’s so fun!

Tammy Reese: Speaking of traveling, you both traveled today. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, was this particular traveling experience for business or pleasure?

Jay Claxton: Yes, we traveled today. When we travel it’s always about business at the end of the day, of course, pleasure as well.

It’s always good when you can build with people, make some money, create ideas, and build a platform in order to put the whole plan together.

We traveled today to enjoy eachother, see friends and family, and do business at the same time.

Tammy Reese: What would you like for the people to know about what you have coming up or currently working on?

Jay Claxton: The majority of people know us and know what we do. What I would say is that we want people to know that you must surround yourself with the right people and make sure that your circle is good.

You pick up the trends of the 5 closest people to you. So you have to make sure that your inner circle will help build you. Everyone is not at the same place, but it’s about putting yourself in a position to build and be better and learn.

Our friends who we came to visit in Arizona are a living testament to that how we make ourselves better and add value to each other.

Casay Vaughn: I would like to talk about the blessings of our podcast Love Business On Lock. The blessing is that I get to do it with Jay who is the man that I love, and my best friend. The other half of it is that it’s a business. Love is a trillion-dollar industry.

We have just been able to partner with some really interesting couples that align with our goal of celebrating black excellence. They are not all celebrity couples, some are insurance agents, pastors, and more.

Tammy Reese: How do you feel when the other gets an outside compliment or praise?

Casay Vaughn: I am Jay’s biggest fan so I love hearing him get praise, admiration, and compliments. We don’t do it for the accolades but I love to hear the positive talk because I know that we’re doing it right.

We don’t compete with each other, we compete with the world. I am not interested in being a DJ and he’s not interested in doing what I do.

I would empathize the importance of following Jay on Facebook and Instagram. Every Wednesday and Friday he does a motivational minute. For me, I listen to it and it has helped me get through many situations. Listening to how he thinks it’s a good positive energy to start your day off.

We’re just beginning and it’s much more to do. I have so much more to give to up and coming publicists and producers. God gave us gifts and we will just keep giving back to others.

Jay Claxton: That’s what I expect for her, and that’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s a blessing when you can smell your flowers while you’re still here. It’s a blessing that people understand and notice.

There will often be levels of hate and not everyone is going to be happy for you, but that’s ok because we surround ourselves with people who make us better and inspire us. I got my pom-poms out shaking them for her. I’m cheerleading too.

I love when a man or a woman admits that she’s good. That’s what it’s supposed to be.

Tammy Reese: Recently Hustle and Soul Magazine & Black Inc Radio presented the Black Lounge at Black Inc Atlanta event where Jay you were the DJ. Please tell us about it?

Jay Claxton: The event was very good. We had a great time. Shout out to Stephanie Davis!

For me, to be at a business that is thriving from someone who looks like us is inspiring. That was the best part of the event.

Tammy Reese: Any Valentine’s Day plans?

Jay Claxton: We are out of town for business. As we take care of business we are with friends who inspire us and that we are sharing our time with this weekend.

For us, it’s regular protocol figuring out what we can do better. We always spend time together so that specific day isn’t a big deal because this is what we do.

It’s hard to find people who are like-minded, transparent, and also help you build. We got the opportunity to spend time with some wonder folks this weekend. We are happy.

Casay Vaughn: It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, but we love each other everyday. What is special about this weekend for me is that we get to spend it with other people that we love as well.

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