Career and Relationship Expert Cheryl Grace Shares How You Can Prepare For Another Unpredictable Year With A Smart Strategy

Are you one of those people who looked in the mirror and said, “this year is just not for me”? No matter what you tried to do, nothing seemed to work in your favor. You imagined such an amazing person who can conquer anything. You imagined making all this money for your business. You imagined a lot. You probably even created a vision board. Yet nothing worked! So now you want to try again for this new year. Or maybe you’ve just given up altogether. I get it. But before starting the new year with such ambition to change or stay the same, consider hearing some wisdom from Career and Relationship Expert Cheryl Grace. 

The highly sought-after executive coach and speaker, Cheryl Grace, who is committed to coaching women to live their best, multi-dimensional, unapologetic fabulous lives at work, in love, and at home graced me with her presence as she discussed ways you can jumpstart your new year now. We’ve all done the resolutions. And some of us, as mentioned, even dabbled in the vision boards. And nothing is wrong with any of these if done in a manner that holds you accountable. That’s when Coach Grace comes in. 

Her mantra and I might add that I truly agree, is that “life is meant to be lived fabulously”! But of course, life gives us lemons, and sometimes we just can’t figure out how to make lemonade. Well, Cheryl Grace, a S.M.A.R.T. Method Facilitator encourages her clients (in my heart I am her client) to connect this method to your vision board. Before moving forward, for those who aren’t aware of what a vision board is, it is a collage of images and/or words (affirmations) purposed to serve as an inspiration for your dream life. More times than not, you would see a woman create such a board. Creating this, however, is not limited to women. It is such a beautiful thing though to see your vision displayed to remind you that your dream life can be attainable. However, many of us create vision boards and never put action behind them. 

Cheryl Grace stated, and I paraphrase, “you want to create actionable goals that connect to the vision board so that you are able to see the vision flourish”. I bet that was not explained at your vision board party. So if you have plans to host a vision board party and/or attend one, be sure that you don’t forget the goals!

Sitting with the fabulous Ms. Grace opened a lot of revelation for me as I felt like I was having a whole consultation call. Y’all! Having one vision board is not enough. Yes, I said it. Having one vision board is not enough! She stated this, not me. And with her admission that her clients begin to see results in reaching their vision and goals by mid-year proves that she knows what she’s teaching. Not only does she teach these principles but she incorporates them into her own life. Wouldn’t you want a coach who leverages what she teaches for her own personal experiences? Using the S.M.A.R.T. Method, which is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based goals is what led her to 30k in her first full-time month as a CEO. Connecting goals to a vision is what landed her a second chance at experiencing love in her 50s. And she can guide you in doing the same. So Yes, one vision board is not enough. Ms. Grace went on to say that the one vision board that you may create (for example, in January) is your foundation, but now you must create a vision board for each month connecting it with goals for that month’s vision. This is what truly helps attain the vision and not allow it to just become an arts and crafts project. Are you blown away? I am!  

Now you might be wondering what does this has to do with living a fabulous life at work and love and at home? I’m glad you’re curious. Understanding that every area works together and if you feel good at home, you’ll feel good at work. It is imperative to have a vision for every aspect of your life. This New Year might be unpredictable as most years are but without a smart strategy, you’re just left to fend for yourself and leave it up for chance. Coach Grace put it like this (paraphrased), “to manifest things is to truly plan for it instead of expecting the hemisphere to react to what you said just because you said it.” We’re living in a generation where we love to name and claim things without positioning ourselves to truly see them come forth. Therefore, you must WRITE IT DOWN! You know, like the scripture in Habbakuk, Habakkuk 2:2 to be exact. And as the coach suggested, truly write it down so that there can be a connection between your writing and your brain that stimulates or activate R.A.S. I know today we’re living in a digital world but maybe just maybe for the sake of your vision and your goals, go grab a journal. 

Living a fabulous lifestyle requires you to show up and be ready for everything that you have planned. And the best part about it is, Cheryl Grace isn’t leaving you alone on this journey.  Kickstarting the year off right, you can join her 2022 workshops. They are the quickest way to take charge of your career, business, or relationship goals in the shortest amount of time possible. You can join her on January 21st for the Relationship Fab, March 25th for the Career Fab, or April 22nd for the Business Fab. Or if you’re willing to shift in every area, join her for all three! If you don’t have time for the workshop, she still has you in mind with her Online Courses, Virtual Group Programs, and Customized Coaching plans. You can also purchase any of her Empowerment Tools including her TODAY IS A GREAT DAY FOR EATING PINK ELEPHANTS – Vision Board, Journal, Goal Planner, and UNDATED Calendar and FAB IN 90 DAYS: CREATE THE FABULOUS LIFE YOU DESIRE & DESERVE DAILY TRACKER or just use them for your own personal journey the best way you see fit. But I encourage you all to not enter into this new year without connecting with the Fabulous Cheryl Grace in any manner, whether it’s through coaching or purchasing a goal planner that you can find in the empowerment tools. Check out her website to learn more

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