Morgan Banks Continues to Shine This Women’s History Month

I love a good celebration! Anytime to celebrate a woman is amazing to me. And that’s exactly what’s happening this March. With March being deemed Women’s History Month, women across the globe are being highlighted for their strength, their endurance, their zeal, and their stature (as they should). Though we are aware of Angela Basset, Beyonce, and more, I find it important to acknowledge and give flowers to those “average” women you would encounter daily. One woman, in particular, is Morgan Banks. 

Banks is the owner of Capri Couture Marketing, where they help brands as their social media manager, website designer, and scheduling agency. As a digital creator, Morgan has successfully helped brands transform their social media presence by giving them clarity of what they truly need to be set apart. And this stunning, intelligent, and witty Black Woman is not only doing the work for brands but is shifting lives through empowerment, enlightenment, and equipping through training for those who want to put in the work themselves. From social media live tips to masterclasses and more, she leaves no stone unturned. 

I had the privilege of speaking with such a phenomenal woman. 

Boss woman.

Check out the interview below.

What did you dream of becoming as a little girl? Did you always consider being a creator?

As a little girl, I’ve always dreamed of being famous. I always saw myself on stage speaking. I’d have actual dreams of singing and talking on stage as a child. I always knew that I would take the step at some point. But, I never quite knew what for. Along the way, if I’m honest, I became afraid of becoming famous for fear of too much success. Creating has always been a part of my nature and life. My mother is an artist, and my father was a great singer and lyricist. I’d say it came naturally. I fell in love with writing and dreamed of being a writer in later years. I wanted to get a new york high-rise loft and just write best-selling books and tell unique stories. 

And being a woman now in the media industry, what are some hardships that you find yourself combating? What keeps you going during those times?

Being a woman in the media industry has its ups and downs. I can say that fortunately, I have been very successful despite the judgments women get in this field. I’ve faced much pressure being a mother and a working woman in media. Creating quality media projects takes so much time to perfect. I’ve often been asked the question, “How will you do it all.” And if I’m honest, the question itself is intimidating because honestly, there is not such a solid answer; the simple answer is that I’m not sure about it day-to-day. I plan, test, and execute each of my tasks on my calendar. Yet, there are so many stigmas about what women should look like or be like. There’s an image as a mother, wife, woman, and career-mogul that looms over my head while trying to accomplish the goals I’ve set out for myself. What keeps me going through the accusations of not having enough time for parenting, friendships and family is simply this ‘if I don’t break through my glass ceiling, how can I guide my children to break their glass ceiling’? Or my friends, family, members, clients? My ceiling doesn’t look like yours, or vice versa, but why stare at the ceiling when there’s an open sky. 

I’ve often said there should be more women who talk about the guilt that comes with having support. Fourtuanlty, I’m not the mom who doesn’t have support. I have a ton of it. But, there’s still looming guilt that roams around making me feel like I’m not worthy of parenting because of the success I’ve accomplished. I’m reminded though that the world has its image. I must have an image that I want my children to see contrary to popular belief. 

Were there any women in your life in the past and even now that inspired you to tackle any obstacle you had, to not let life keep you down, and succeed according to what success looks like to you?

There are two women in this life that I look to for inspiration, guidance, and love. Firstly, it’s my mother, Jeanine Whitehead. I think she’s so incredibly talented and wise. I’ve seen her crush some heavy goals, and I’ve seen her work through the trials and tribulations of life. And every time she’s broken that glass ceiling above her. It’s like every time they’d try to box her in, she’d get too tall for the container, and by the time she stands, she’s broken through because of the amount of growth she’s had. She’s been a guide to me my whole life. She’s held me when I cried over things I know she knew I could accomplish, and she allowed me to vent in the moments all I needed was an ear. She’s the definition of a mother for me. She’s embodied every single one of her goals while raising three children, and that to me is golden! Secondly, Maya Angelou, she’s my writing mamma, guide, and friend. Every time I’ve need to be understood, Maya just gets me. I love her story of striving for success and the day she was led to writing after so many years of pent-up frustrations. Hearing her stories and her journey with her son encourages me in my journey that I can be just as impactful, honest, loving, and respectful as she was. I can be highly sought after, wise, and discerning while being a black woman. It’s liberating. These women have persevered through struggles and came out on the winning side, and that’s where I want to be.

Because you’re such a phenomenal woman as well, what can we expect from Ms. Morgan Banks in the coming months? And please share with the readers how they can stay connected.

Thank you for the comment. You all can expect more marketing services, advice and consult from my marketing company ‘Capri Couture Marketing’ we are a social media marketing company. We schedule content, create content, build websites, create email campaigns, and more. In July, you can also expect our first Social Networking Event called ‘Strategically Social’; it’s a night for networking, building, and connecting strategically. We will have a panel discussion with some great leaders in Houston, Texas July 24, 2022, from 4 pm-7 pm. All information can be found through Eventbrite. We are excited to continue to grow our writer’s community as well. Our writers’ community builds, educates, and promotes the written work of songwriters, writers, screenwriters, poets, and more. You can find more information about how to join on 

Be sure to stay connected with such an amazing pivotal woman in today’s generation!

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