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If you’ve been around some teachers and students, then you know there is a countdown till the end of the school year. For some it’s 2 weeks. For others it is 3. I hope it’s no more than 3 weeks left of school. Everyone is stressed! And if you are a senior in high school then the stress is times ten. There’s testing (although, testing is becoming a replacement for teaching in all grade levels but seniors have to take more tests just in case there’s the chance for college), there’s the debate of ‘to go to college, a trade school, or enter into the workforce immediately’, and  graduation. In the middle of that stress we have a glimpse of fun with prom. First of all, these prom outfits are giving runway. It’s completely different from how it was 10 years ago. Nonetheless, it’s a moment to step out and breathe. However,  there is a such thing as senior dues and prom shopping that can bring the stress back. But there was a great opportunity to help young ladies feel beautiful for their big day of prom through a giveaway hosted by Candace “The Six Figure Spa Chick” Holyfield – Parker. 

Candace Holyfield-Parker is a millennial business mogul and spa extraordinaire who currently owns Six Figure Spa Chick, a marketing firm for spa/beauty professionals. She strives to exemplify excellence while educating, empowering, and uplifting spa professionals across the globe. The purpose of Six Figure Spa Chick is to help over 2000 spa professionals build, grow, and launch their own successful businesses. With great achievements as a CEO of her personal Spa Boss Tribe, author of the first Black Spa Magazine, creator of the first Black Spa Expo Awards, and motivational speaker, she has inspired other business owners to strive for more success and has secured a clientele base of 15,000 spa professionals since she began her spa services in 2011 called, “I Love Candy Spa Parties”. (Side note* I will be utilizing these services this summer.) 

I had the pleasure to speak with The Six Figure Spa Chick herself to get her take on the industry, the prom giveaway that changed many young ladies lives, and more. Check it out below. 

Candace Holyfield-Parker, you have been coined as the six figure spa chick, does that mean you teach people how to get to six figures or does it just stop with you (I think I know the answer but for those reading)?

As a leader, it never just stops with me. I have always shared my knowledge with anyone who wanted to know. Back in 2012 when I made my first six figures, I didn’t charge the other massage therapists for the steps and tips that helped me. I just knew valuable information and decided to share. In 2015, after noticing how many individuals were obtaining financial success using my methods, I turned my free advice into a business . Today I teach spa professionals how to earn not only six but seven figures as well. Currently, my spa community has produced  22 – seven figure spa professionals and counting. 

And with the services that you provide, what prompted you to do the 2023 Prom Giveaway?

Honestly, I believe in giving back whether there is a special occasion or not. I have been fortunate enough to do giveaways for the communities I serve each month; and with it being prom season, I decided this would be a great giveaway for the teens. It is an amazing opportunity to help young ladies feel beautiful for their big day so this really meant a lot to be able to pull it off. 

You have been quoted to say, “The impact black women entrepreneurs have on the culture today is black girl magic and that is why they should always be honored”. Statistically, black women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs. How important is it for the young ladies you invested in with this giveaway to see women entrepreneurs, and women entrepreneurs giving back? 

The impact black women have on the culture today is definitely Black Girl Magic at its finest. It is extremely important for young ladies to see women who look like them succeed outside of the entertainment industry. I talk with women all around the world who think moving into a better neighborhood is impossible; so the thought of making $10k in a month is simply unheard of. So my goal is to impact the culture by showing the youth in general that financial success is real and obtainable. I want everyone to know if you think it and it exists you can have it. The younger we start teaching our children financial literacy and providing real life examples of financial freedom, the more success we will see in this world. 

That’s beautiful! And so needed in the world. You are a business maven but I’m sure there was a journey to get there. What are some of the hardships that if you had someone like you in your life in the beginning stages, you would have never encountered these obstacles or would have been able to navigate through them more smoothly?

My biggest obstacle was funding and working capital. I believe my success would have been achieved a lot sooner if I had the funds to do more marketing. I’m truly blessed to know all about funding and business credit now. It really took my business and others’ who have used my formula to the next level. 

How important is it to have a circle of like minded, goal driven women? I know you pulled on your circle during this giveaway. 

Yes, I have created my own circle yet I still sit at many tables to be fed on every level. My circle and other professionals who focus on business, personal development, and  spiritual healing, have all helped me to unlock new levels of wellness and greatness. If we are the ones always pouring, we end up empty and unfulfilled. It is critical that we ensure we are being poured into as well. So creating different circles is very important for mental health stability in addition to networking. 

To see the look on these young ladies’ faces once they were selected, how did it feel for you to know that a greater impact beyond beauty services were being made?

It’s so beautiful to be in a position to give back because no matter how society looks at it, everything is not about money. It’s actually more about the impact. So, I was honored to sponsor these ladies and we even got one male! The saying “it’s a blessing to be a blessing” is true and I am beyond thankful that I was able to bless them with a beautiful experience. 

What do you tell that young lady who wants to enter into business but never saw anyone else do it?

It’s so many success stories everywhere these days. In case someone is feeling doubtful, look within yourself first. You can be the success story you have never seen. You don’t have to know anyone personally. 

What are the best ways to connect with you in the future for those who want to partner or patronize your services? And do you have anything upcoming that you’re working on?

You all can follow me @sixfigurespachick on all platforms. For more information on local spas within my community to visit, please follow me on IG @queenofmassageatl

Also, my web series “Spa Tank” will premiere in June and my annual Black Spa Expo will be held this year on September 17th, 2023. 

Be sure that you stay connected and catch the web series! You won’t regret connecting with a boss lady like Candace “The Six Figure Spa Chick” Holyfield – Parker.

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