CaDori: Building a Legacy By Giving a Hand and Healing People

All authors are entrepreneurs but not all entrepreneurs are authors. And this is what Cathy “Cadori” Marshall is proving to everyone. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, the eldest girl of 13 children, and mother of five, she has always been a natural-born leader.

Using her life her experiences and struggles, she had not only become a best-selling author, but also a successful entrepreneur. A community activist, she ensures she spends time giving back. Everything she does is about healing and nurturing. In speaking to her, I understood why. She is truly an inspiration.

H&S: Your book Ladies Love Yourself First, That’s Happiness has become a best-seller. What inspired this book and what do you hope people take away after reading it?

Cadori: I hope this book and me sharing my authentic self with women will show them that they can learn to restructure their lives to put their happiness first. The same way that you are instructed to put your oxygen mask on first when you are on an airplane. Because what happens is this: we fill up everyone’s cup and we are left bone dry! As a result, we become exhausted and mentally depleted for lack of proper hydration to our very own bodies.

We also stress our bodies to begin to gain weight or have mental breakdowns and we get irritated more often than not with the people that we care about. This is because feel undervalued due to the fact that we haven’t valued ourselves enough is enough to fill up our own cups first.

H&S: Why did you decide to write under a pen name?

Cadori: I love my birth name Cathy, but as a creative and a public figure I wanted to brand myself and create a name that no one else has. I also wanted to honor my mother (Doris), who gave birth to me, and I wanted to include my son, who passed away in a motorcycle accident. His name is Bobby (whom we called Dougie). So, I penned the name CaDori to have a legacy representation of myself, my mother, and my son.

H&S: Let’s talk about your two charities. What inspired you to create them and why do you feel they are important to have in the community?

Cadori: I created my charities to help people who are less fortunate and who have a need.

My first charity is Dougie’s Kids Inc, and was created in honor of my son, Dougie, because he loved children, and he always encouraged and helped children to be better. He was a mentor to many children since he was a teenager. So that’s my son’s legacy living on.

The other charity is CaDori Helping Hands Inc. This charity helps homeless people, domestic violence victims, and people in need of daily essentials as well as food, utilities, and help to get back and forth to work or school. 

It was created because I was once homeless many years ago when my children were toddlers and I had not yet become a nurse. I fell on hard times during a breakup in my second marriage and I had to go to a shelter for a few weeks with my two oldest daughters. I vowed way back then that one day I would be able to give back and help other people in need just like strangers were helping me at that time in my life.

H&S: What is next for Cadori and how can people connect with you?

I have many ideas to share about self-love and how people can live their truth and help others to do the same. I would also like to do a stage play or movie about my life experiences, write more inspirational books, and do more speaking engagements and television appearances.

People can connect with me at:

Instagram: @Cadoribrand

Twitter: @Cadoribrand

Facebook: CaDori Brand

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