Butta B-Rocka Welcomes You To Butta Butta Land

International songwriter and recording artist, actress, and author, Butta B-Rocka is not for the faint of heart. She is making waves and shifting the culture of music in such a dynamic way that has allowed her to stand-out and create a “land” of her own. She is not R&B. She is not Pop. She is not Rap. She is not country. What she has chosen to be undefined, unconfined, and unequivocally diverse.

In this exclusive interview, you will come to understand why Butta Butta Land is the place you want be in.

H&S: You are not a one-dimensional artist and you have a unique style (mixing many genres). What influenced you in having this difference in the music you wanted to put out?

Butta B-Rocka: I love all sorts of music and believe music is freedom. One should be able to express themselves without being put into a box or made to sound like someone else. I’m like a melting pot!

H&S: A vibrant melting pot at that. Let’s talk about your new single Strange Luv.  What the inspiration behind this song?

Butta B-Rocka: Is a fun fill good song that’s needed at this time! It’s an alternative pop-soul fusion that takes the listeners on a magical journey- filled with a catchy melody and beat. The music inspired the lyrics and melody. 

H&S: How did you get your name, Butta B-Rocka?

Butta B-Rocka: People begin calling me Butta in high school, saying I had a smooth, silky voice; when I began working in the studio- the producers called me B-Rocka. I decided to combine the names cause Butta Be Rocking. {laughing}

H&S: Okayyyyy, with the sultry voice in high school. {laughing} There seems to be a lot of layers to who you are as a person. How would you describe who you are in 3 words? Why those three words?

Butta B-Rocka: Determined, Ambitious, and Driven.

I’m Driven to relentlessly achieve my goals and dreams no matter how hard it seems. There have been a million no’s in my life – I just need one “yes”! I’m Determined to succeed and be an example for my sons and others who gave up on themselves and their dreams by self-sabotaging themselves into thinking they weren’t good enough or thinking it’s too late for them based on their age, sex, gender, etc.

And I’m Ambitious and not afraid of hard work. No one is going to go harder for you than you. I’ve been pursuing my goals and dreams since I was a teenager and I refuse to stop until I get there!

H&S: You have performed both domestically, on cruises, and internationally. What would you say was your most rewarding experience performing?

Butta B-Rocka: When I performed in the Dominican Republic before 9k people as the headliner, it was surreal! The venue had my pictures on the billboards as one entered into the resort and posters and flyers all around; the stage was gigantic too; they had three led screens, a drone to capture me on the big screens, there were fire, lights, and lasers cued on certain words I would say. I truly felt like I had finally arrived, and best of all, it was my show with my 11 piece band. Not singing behind or opening for anyone. It was definitely a true blessing!

H&S: It has been a sheer pleasure that you took the time to chat with me today. I know you will continue to excel and break barriers in everything that you do.

You can connect with Butta B-Rocka at:


IG/Twitter/Youtube @buttabrocka

FB @buttabrockamusic

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Dr. Pamela Gurley is a Professional Speaker, Media Journalist, and Author. She has been featured in Forbes; on Good Morning Washington, Good Day Atlanta, and others.

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