Brian Maurice Brown: A Father First Music Executive Who Has Shifted His Legacy

Being a great father isn’t about being perfect. It’s about doing your best and making sacrifices for your children. It’s about being there for them when they need you and setting an excellent example for them to follow. Dads who are great fathers make significant changes in their lives for the sake of their children. They do whatever it takes to make a better life for their children. This is precisely what makes Detroit-born and raised Brian Maurice Brown a great dad.

Brown, formerly a drug kingpin, a five-year fugitive (profiled on America s Most Wanted as a suspect of a vicious murder and narcotics empire that extended across the country and outside the U.S. border), served nearly ten years in the Federal Correction System. His incredible fatherhood journey is one of extraordinary measure – especially after losing both of his parents to the streets of Detroit while he was a fugitive. Now a father of 14, he firmly believes in putting his children first – as much as he can.

Brian Maurice Brown and his Son, Brian Maurice Brown, Jr.

For some, turning your life around is no easy feat after a life like his; however, for Brown, he was determined to make a change – especially for his children. From criminal to Grammy-nominated music executive, he has proven he has risen from the ashes of his trauma to become successful in the entertainment industry. And while this changes the trajectory of his legacy, he feels his most significant and proud accomplishment is being a loving father to his children, a loyal husband to multiple wives, a protector, and a provider. He loves being a father, and while it can be challenging to juggle the needs of work and his brood of children, Brown says his children are his greatest joy and his highest priority.

A recent documentary Living for the Sacrifice: A Hood Hero’s Guide to Success–directed by and based on a book written by Celebrity Publicist, Author, and Branding Guru and Detroit native Treavion Davenport–chronicles Brown’s life as a rising mastermind and kingpin of narcotics empire in Detroit. The documentary also features his passion for fatherhood, which shows his oldest son, Brian M. Brown Jr. (also known as BJ), discussing missing his father when he is away for long periods of time. It was heartbreaking for Brown to hear but knowing everything he does for BJ and his other children requires him to make sacrifices. And his sacrifices have paid off. BJ is currently a 4.0 student, scholar, and sought-after athlete.

Documentary Living for the Sacrifice: A Hood Hero’s Guide to Success directed by Treavion Davenport

Founder of BMB (an acronym for “Breaking Major Barriers”), Brian Maurice Brown’s love for music and entrepreneurship has made him one of the most prominent names in today’s hip-hop scene. He is an entrepreneur who loves bringing people together from different walks of life as an executive producer.

Being a father is one of the most important roles that Brown will ever have in his life. He knows that it comes with both a great deal of responsibility and a great deal of sacrifice. Still, he is also excited about the opportunity to be a positive influence in his children’s lives. He wants to be someone his children can look up to and learn from and is committed to being the best father he can be. Happy Father’s Day, Brian Maurice Brown!

Brian Maurice Brown and his Son, Brian Maurice Brown, Jr.
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