Breaking News: Tejai Moore’s “Letter to God”: A Soulful and Reflective New Release

Singer, songwriter, and producer Tejai Moore is a superstar in the music industry. His new song “Letter to God” is a powerful testament to his talent and passions for his faith and music. The song, which was released in January 2023, quickly gained popularity and continues to reach and impact audiences worldwide. “Letter to God,” a smooth R&B/Pop track that showcases his vocal range and his ability to create a sultry and sensual atmosphere. The song has been praised for its catchy melody and its ability to get listeners dancing and feeling good.

Tejai’s music career began at an early age. Born in Miami, FL but raised around the world, he has been inspired by music’s vibrant effects on people and relationships. Since, music became his passion and he was determined that he would make a name for himself in the industry by writing and performing his own music. Over the years he has co-written songs in the U.S. for Jacquees and Olivia, and internationally in the U.K. he has co-produced with many artists and on songs on an album that reached Gold.

Last year, Tejai attended his first Grammy Awards show and was invited again and attended the most recent 65th Grammy Awards, one of the most prestigious music events in the world. The invitation was a dream come true for him as he had worked tirelessly to reach this point in his career. The opportunity allowed him to share his talents in a space with other passionate industry professionals.

Aside from his own music, Tejai has also been partnering with Songfinch, a platform that allows people to create personalized songs for their loved ones. Tejai’s passion and desire to help others make meaningful connections through music is evident in his work with Songfinch, and his personalized songs are bringing joy around the world..

“Letter to God’’ is an emotional and heartfelt song that highlights Tejai’s unique voice and his ability to capture the emotions of his listeners. It is a reflection of how faith can comfort and provide hope in difficult times even when faced with hardships and relationship struggles.

Tejai’s success in the industry is a true testimony. He continues to inspire others with his music and his dedication in songs that bridge faith, love, and determination. As he continues to grow and evolve as an artist, Tejai is sure to leave a lasting impact on the music industry and the world. Letter to God is available on all major music platforms. 

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