Boujee Hippie: The Collision of Black Women Who Means Business

According to the Harvard Business Review, “In the United States, an astounding 17% of Black women are in the process of starting or running new businesses. That’s compared to just 10% of white women, and 15% of white men.” This indicates that black women are (and have always been if we were to pay attention to history and the survival strategies of the black race) tapping into a secret of wealth that can change their entire trajectory. Of course, not everyone is called to have a business but everyone is called to build. Now how you create is specific to your purpose. But if building a business is a part of your purpose, then go out there and be great. That’s what Boujee Hippie owners Tiffanie Mims and Ashley Antoinette did! And they have found great success. 

Intermingling business and a message of positivity are what keep them going and their customers satisfied. When pairing women with a wide range of abilities and interests, you can’t help but get an explosion of wealth, friendship, and more. The collision of these great women, Tiffanie and Ashley, the Boujee and the Hippie, has encouraged women to love themselves wholeheartedly, celebrate their curves, and take care of their health through their products. It was an honor to speak with such amazing black women entrepreneurs and get their take on women in business and more. 

Check out the interview below. 

Would you consider that owning a business for a woman to be the perfect leveling up? 

Ashley: Entrepreneurship isn’t for every woman. I think the perfect leveling up for Black women is in recognizing the power we hold and never giving it away for the sake of anyone else. Our peace is in our power and our self-respect. When we learn that we’ve leveled up, that’s the true power play. Money is attracted to power. That will flow effortlessly once we realize our power.

Tiffanie: I don’t believe that entrepreneurship is the end all be all to measure success. Whatever it is your passion and purpose are…do that! That is what leveling up is having the courage to chase your purpose

Tiffanie, you are awarded the title of a Multi-faceted Renaissance Woman. What does that look like today and how does that shape everything you do, especially being co-owner of Boujee Hippie? 

Tiffanie: I am in fact a serial entrepreneur. I truly love starting something from the ground up and building it up. It’s nothing like seeing a business flourish that started with one great idea. Being a renaissance woman has truly shaped my identity. I’m not afraid to take risks and I believe in doing it scared.

That’s beautiful! And Ashley, you are a best-selling author along with being an entrepreneur, is it difficult balancing both? 

Ashley: It is difficult to balance both, but when you love what you do, you are committed to finding a way. You can’t ask for a lot and expect the path to be easy, so I try not to complain.

Not complaining is the key I believe that many misses (not that we won’t at times but doing it often can be diminishing to the path). What can people honestly expect from your company? 

Ashley: Quality products that work! No gimmicks.

Tiffanie: We have the best shapewear on the planet and supplements that work!

How can readers stay connected with you and find out more about what you’re doing and what Boujee Hippie is doing?

Ashley: Hit us up on Insta. @ashleyantoinette and @bdonnas plus check out our company page @shopboujeehi and visit our website at

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