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Blair Devereaux is a Brand Pheauxtographer who has been servicing the Who’s Nows and What’s Next of Atlanta since making the jump in 2015 from enthusiast to full-time entrepreneur.  Hunger only matched by his humility, he attributes his fast-tracked trajectory to the amazing people who have blessed him with the opportunity to do what he loves for a living. 

Never one to create a hierarchy over any of the experiences that have colored his path, you would be hard-pressed to see a difference in enthusiasm when he shares his favorite work from his ever-growing portfolio. 

Though some of those projects include his time contracted with Nordstrom as their official social media photographer, being prominently featured on Lifetime’s The Rap Game, and shooting some of his favorite TV Personalities and Entertainers for different magazines, his most fulfilling work comes from creating for the startups of today that will surely become the brands dominating the industry of tomorrow.      

As a self-proclaimed “Huge Marvel Nerd”, Blair always wondered what type of superhero he would be if given superpowers.  Now as he prepares for another year of unblocking fellow business owners from having impactful content for their brands, it’s becoming all too apparent that he has already found his superpower.  Though if you let him tell it, he would say it’s those same individuals touching his journey, that saves him daily.  

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Blair.

Tammy Reese: Please tell us about Pheauxtography and how the name came about? 

Blair Devereaux: Prior to Pheauxtography. I was aspiring to be an actor. As an actor, I went by my first and middle name Blair Devereaux. When I transitioned to photography, I knew I wanted it to be personal, but I wanted to go against the grain.

I wanted my brand to feel like a fashion brand and feel elevated and different. So, I lucked out. I took the “eaux” (it’s the “o” sound) from Devereaux and used it for Pheauxtography. 

Tammy Reese: What intrigues you the most about Photography?

Blair Devereaux: There’s a lot of things that intrigue me about photography. I’m Obsessed with the before and after. I love being able to see us take a concept or an idea, even if it’s a color or feeling, and see how that transforms on set to what ends up becoming the final image.

It feeds me and keeps me going. For most of us, it’s so hard to be present because it’s so many distractions going on around us. The thing I find really fortunate about photography it gives you the ability to freeze a moment so you can be present in that. I think that’s really dope and something that a lot of people take for granted. As a pheauxtographer, it’s like you have superpowers. You FREEZE time. How awesome is that!  

Tammy Reese: What were some memorable moments doing photography for notable celebrities such as Blacc Chyna and Tweet?

Blair Devereaux: I don’t know if I have a most memorable moment. All of my photoshoots end up feeding some part of me. When it comes to “Notable Clients” I think I have this moment when it’s like this is so surreal. This is somebody I grew up watching or this is someone I just saw last week on a tv show. These are people I supported long before they stepped in front of my lens.

For me, it’s not necessarily about that person, but it’s about the principle about my journey being in the place, where it’s starting to intersect with the journey of these people I’ve seen working on their path for so long. At some level, it acts as a point of confirmation that I am in the place I need to be. It ALWAYS acts as a point of gratitude. It lets me feel super grateful to even share space with these people. And it’s not just a celebrity thing. There’s been politicians, doctors, millionaires, lawyers, and people that have $5 in the account with a dream, and it all is shaping the same for me.

I’m just grateful to be able to touch their path and journey to cross streams of inspiration. That’s the blessing of being a brand photographer is that I get to work with another brand. I get that extra kick and push. Not necessarily a memorable moment, but I am able to take something amazing from everyone, every time I step in front of my camera, well behind my camera. 

Tammy Reese: Describe your journey as a photographer in three words? 

Blair Devereaux: It would be “What Is Happening” on so many different levels. 

Tammy Reese: How would you describe your photography style?

Blair Devereaux: You know they say put your best foot forward. There’s a certain level of elevation and polish that I like to add to my pictures to help catch someone’s attention in their eye.

There’s also a level of truth that I want my photos to have. I appreciate photoshop and what it can do, but never want photoshop to cover up who is actually stepping up in front of my lens. I want my clients to know they are good enough, exactly who and how they are right now.

My photography has an heir of elevation. I definitely want it to hit industry standards. I would like to say my photography is clean, because I don’t have a lot of distractions to take away the truth from the photo. I love love love color. I want my pictures to feel like a conversation with me. I’m bubbly i love making connections and I love for that to be showcased in my art. 

Tammy Reese: What are some photo projects that you are currently working on?

Blair Devereaux: Honestly, I have a lot of projects that I am currently working on and excited about. This year has already been an amazing year and I am so grateful for all of my client’s old and new. One is a partnership that I have with N. Renee who is a life and business coach and Darryl who is an amazing videographer, called Supermodel 360.

It’s a really cool collaboration that some amazing individuals that I love working with. My baby brother Drew and I are working on that we can’t speak to much on but it’s going to be phenomenal. And today working on a 10-hour shoot with B Polish. 

Tammy Reese: Any Photography tips for our readers?

Blair Devereaux: Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Never stop growing because you are never going to stop learning. You’re always going to be growing and experimenting. Someone is always going to be shifting the look of the industry. Learn to be present and just enjoy every step away.

You are going to spend so much more time climbing up the mountain than you would at the top. So, you might always learn to love and enjoy the journey. Have flexibility in the industry. Be kind to yourself. You have to love what you are doing. If you don’t love and enjoy what you are doing, then what the hell you doing it for?

For more information on Blair Devereaux please visit and follow on Instagram @pbd.

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