Black Business Month Spotlight: CEO of JCHIC LifeStyle Brand, Jenni Graham

Jenni Graham, the Brand Style Curator, is a humble mogul dedicated to putting entrepreneurs in a position to win. She is a published, brand strategist, wardrobe stylist, speaker, and host of luxury global travel experiences. She has dedicated her business career to helping small to midsize entrepreneurs and companies put their best foot forward when it comes to their branding, both personal and business-wise. In the pillars of branding, marketing, content, and funding she helps brand elevate past limitations they never thought possible. Jenni’s unique approach has earned her the title of “The Brand Style Curator”. 

Having recognized that many businesses need not only someone to do their branding and sell them vendor lists, but also a business partner to help coach them through their personal style, business efforts, and PR, she knew she had to do something! Jenni discovered the opportunity to provide solutions to a plethora of entrepreneurs, especially in the fashion, style, beauty, and product/service industries through her branding and lifestyle brands JCHIC LifeStyle Brand ®, the Wealthy Vibes Tribe™ and The Brand Boss Academy™. Jenni built her enterprise from nothing to a 7 figure brand. 

She is now a member of Forbes with Forbes the culture, an AIRBNB experience host, a member of the Facebook leadership community, an Amazon influencer, highly rated on Google with all 5 stars, and a global AIRBNB host with multiple listings, the most recent being in Dubai and Cabo. She also has a 501c3 nonprofit, the JCHIC Foundation, whose mission is to curb teenage pregnancy and young male violence in urban communities by giving an outlet through the arts.

As an entrepreneur, in what ways do you thrive to empower your clients? 

Jenni Graham: I thrive to empower my brand guests by remembering my story that got me to where I am today. By reflecting on what and who I wished I had when I was first growing my brand, I’m able to make sure I’m that and more for them. If I can help one person elevate their brand, that elevates their family, which elevates the community, which in turn elevates the world. I’m on an ever-evolving quest to elevate the global communities.

How would you define your sense of style? 

Jenni Graham: My sense of style is eclectic glam chic. I like to dress in ways that make my signature style statement speak before I even open my mouth. I love flowy resort wear pieces, structured, and pieces that give me boss chic vibes. Give me all the bold colors, add in some monochrome looks and I’m definitely here for a good colorblock. I’m a big fan of timeless pieces and I love vintage style.

What challenges have you overcome to continue growing your brands? 

Jenni Graham: The main challenge that I have overcome to continue growing my brands is deciding exactly what success looked like to me as opposed to what it meant to everyone else. Sometimes we forget that our version of success may look different but that’s ok because the business world need some variety. I have to remember to strive for greatness on my terms and not focus on what others think I should be doing.

Please describe a moment in your career that was the most meaningful to you. 

Jenni Graham: A moment in my career that was most meaningful to me was when one of my brand guests told me she had seen me in her dreams before she met me and I was the answer to her prayers. After our one-on-one VIP day, she was in tears while explaining the dream experience to me and how that one day working with me transformed her life. That was more meaningful to me than all the money I’ve made, all the accolades I have, and all the things I’ve done.

How do you want your clients to feel after obtaining your services? 

Jenni Graham: After obtaining my services I want my brand guests to feel empowered, elevated, and transformed. I want them to feel like they have the actionable skills and strategies, tips, and techniques to change their lives. I want them to know that they are important and a force to be reckoned with in the world.

What are you currently working on and what are you looking forward to? 

Jenni Graham: I’m currently working on my Elevate your Brand Membership, my Boutique Champion Membership, our multiple luxury global travel experiences my Brunch with JCHIC date. I’m looking forward to our Profit Makers Prom and Convo to Currency Brunch.

What advice would you have for those who aspire to live a luxury lifestyle but are currently on a budget? 

Jenni Graham: I would tell them to remember that Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive per se. If they are on a budget, they have to budget in that luxury in whatever forms are possible for them on their budget. I would tell them to add in luxury in small ways in their lives like what they eat, what they consume digitally, prioritizing their self-care, and buying timeless pieces that they don’t have to replace often.

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