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BIZBoost Inc. is HOME to Meaningful and Upcoming Brands, Artists, Businesses, for Personalized Digital Media Growth Management Companionship

BIZBoost Inc. is HOME to Meaningful and Upcoming Brands, Artists, Businesses, for Personalized Digital Media Growth Management Companionship

Tammy Reese

BIZBoost Inc. is home to meaningful and upcoming Brands, Artists, Businesses, and awesome people like you for personalized digital media growth management companionship.

When I first came to find out about BIZBoost I was hesitant knowing the rules in Public Relations that you never buy followers. I thought that is what you do when you become a client with BIZBoost. I only thought that because I assumed and didn’t do my research. After months of working witht he profound, knowledgeable and stellar digital and social media company I am so glad I did my homework, became a client and now a business and collaboration partner.

“I’ve known BIZBoost since 2014, and they’re a great company to go with. There are loads of folk out there promising you great goals and how to be successful, but most of them are two-dimensional. Not BIZBoost! They’re bright, up to the mark, and give profitable intelligent advice from all angles. Multi-dimensional. And they’re honest. You can’t say that about everyone. Well done BIZBoost!”


“I remember at one time we had 60k impressions. That’s the result of our teamwork from 2k followers being grown organically! Yes, we have created a very dope environment of presence and engagement on IG. It would not be possible without all of your vigorous hard work across the globe. For that and many many more reasons I am beyond thankful and filled with gratitude and I believe in y’all. I’m humbled and thankful that God has placed us in this position.”


Reading these reviews you may say to yourself, well isn’t this buying followers. Great question, but here is why it is not. I have been with BIZBoost for about 6months. I don’t have my goals of 10k followers, but I do have a company managing my social media handles, replying to comments, creating content for me because I rarely have the time anymore. I have a company that took the time to research me and how I speak and how I would reply to someone. Also, BIZBoost has created a landing page exactly the way I wanted it without me having to tell them how I wanted it.

They truly care about their clients. They connect people in our individual industries. It’s the ultimate online experience set up just for you to grow, connect and stand out. Some may look at the likes on posts and think these people are bots because they are from other countries. However, the engagement is not paid for. The impressions are natural and the likes are from real people from around the world who came across your profile and choose to follow you or like a post. It’s not forced or rigged.

There are times where I am busy for the entire day or days at a time and don’t have the time to post anything or make any content but I never worry because I know that BIZBoost has my back. They know when their clients haven’t checked in for a while and they will go right ahead and post the most awesome content across any social media platform you want them to run for you. These amazing social media managers that make up the BizBoost staff also give you professional advice anytime and answer your questions at anytime. They want to see your social media needs be fulfilled in a designed way that brings results. I have seen tons of results during the time I have been with them. I received so many opportunities from people being in awe of my Instagram account and my work that is coming across their timeline.

Also what I love most is that I feel as if I am the only client that they have. Don’t we love feeling as if we are the only ones? That’s how special they will make you feel. BIZBoost promotes my work across their various social media handles and it always puts a smile on my face. I am also listed on the website, I have my own landing page through BIZBoost for me to promote my own brands.

Now I am a collaboration partner. I promote BIZBoost as well they don’t just promote me. It’s all about building real relationships that are meaningful and there is so much more to come. I am so honored to be friends with the Founder Mohd Imran. He is so smart, funny, fun, creative, supportive, and I am honored to call him a friend and colleague.

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