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BET Screenwriter and Author Dr. Missy Johnson

BET Screenwriter and Author Dr. Missy Johnson

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Dr. Missy Johnson, BET screenwriter, speaker, coach, and 3x Amazon bestselling author was a rising star in one of America’s Fortune 100 companies, and everything looked perfect from the outside. Suddenly her life changed, and she lost everything she ever believed in or achieved. With a 3% chance of living after a 60 MPH car accident, 47 days in a coma, falling twelve feet, marriage falling apart, and later being diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer; she asked God for one more chance. With that one more chance, Dr. Missy turned her tragedies into triumphs to create transformation for herself and others worldwide. She is the CEO of Fearless Women Rock LLC, a platform created for women to share their courageous stories through books and brands.

Hustle and Soul Magazine got an exclusive interview with Dr. Missy Johnson.

Please tell our readers how did Fearless Women Rock LLC come about?

Dr. Missy Johnson: Fearless Women Rock is a platform for aspiring screenwriters, speakers, coaches, and authors. Fearless W birthed from the pain of being silent and that not having a voice. A place where women who were silent but had a story to share. Afraid of being judged by others.

You have persevered through so much personally and professionally. How do you balance your career and mental health? 

Dr. Missy Johnson: Prayer is my balance. Physical, mental health and being aware of the people in my environment are essential. Praying about everything and knowing how to shut it down to make sure I give my family what they need is necessary.

Congratulations on being a 3x Amazon bestselling author. Can you please tell us about some of your books? 

Dr. Missy Johnson: Five books are number one best-selling authors. My memoir books are No Longer Silent, Fearless Faith, and three anthology books. My two books are how I lost my voice but found my worth. The second is all about trusting the process through my faith. Fearless Women Rock — Courageous Women Found Strength during the Storm is a collaboration of women’s journeys of overcoming life challenges.

As a speaker and a coach, what services do you provide, and what topics do you touch on? Transformation coaching, book, and screenwriter consultation. As certified in neuroscience, it is essential to understand the limits we place on ourselves through limiting beliefs. When you master the mind, you master the message. Interested in sharing your powerful story with the world on the stage on the big screen, I am your coach.

What is a quote that you live by?

Dr. Missy Johnson: Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord and lean not to your own understanding.

What is the best business advice you have ever received?

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Dr. Missy Johnson: First, invest in yourself because if you don’t, it will cost you everything. The transformation will cost you something; are you willing to pay the price.

What do you want your legacy to look like? 

Dr. Missy Johnson: Impactful and for people to know to never give up on your dream.

What can we be on the lookout for from you? 

Dr. Missy Johnson: More books, movies, and Fearless Women Rock the Stage

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