Bessie Lee-Cappell: Mommying, Daddying, and Babying For All

Bessie-Lee Cappell, inventor of the Brush Bib and owner of Baby Bottle Brush Bib, has been busy lately. A mother of three and one of seven siblings, Bessie-Lee has learned to take motherhood by the “bottle” and invent ways to make parenting a little more stress-free. It all started with the Brush Bib.

The Brush Bib is a flat, protective, silicone barrier that goes around the bottle brushes to prevent the dreadful splash back every parent faces when washing baby bottles. They are available in both neutral and light colors. Because of the material, they are light weight, easy to clean, and even more so, each to store.

To spotlight this brilliant, and busy, inventor, we got to quickly catch up with her to get the scoop on what she is working on; as well as what is next for her.

H&S: How have you been using your time during this pandemic and has the pandemic affected the way you have to handle business?

Bessie: I have been using my pandemic time to focus on building my brand awareness. This time has allowed me to focus on delegating tasks that I may not possess strength in, as well as analyzing my audience in order to grow my business. The pandemic has affected the way I handle business because it has limited my ability to physically reach my audience. It has limited my physical network ability, such as attending expos and other in-person networking events. 

H&S: What is your inspiration as you decide on what to create for babies and parents?

Bessie: Every product, merchandise, and/or definition I create, are all inspired by myself as a Mom, and as a parent. I use my frustrations, my fun moments, and my interactions with other mothers and parents as inspiration for my development of all my inventions.

H&S: What are you adding to the collection of products sold and why are they important for parents? 

Bessie: I will be adding a merchandising line to the Bessie’s Love and Care company. This merchandising line is called “Mommying, Daddying and Babying.” This line focuses on my trademarked definitions of Mommying, Daddying and Babying. I feel that it is important to shed some light on the perspectives of parenting in a comical fashion. 

H&S: Comical perspectives are never a bad thing (especially when parenting)! We wish you much-continued success and look forward to seeing what else inspires you to create during this pandemic and beyond.

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