Author and Breakup Coach Tiffany Smith: Putting Women in The Driver’s Seat of Their Lives

CEO and Founder of Dare to B You, Tiffany Smith, is a Breakup Coach who helps women take control of their lives after a breakup. Having been through a lot in her own life, she knows what it’s like to feel lost and alone. But she also knows you to pick yourself up after a breakup and start living the life you want. Tiffany wants to help women see that they have the power to create their own happiness. She believes every woman deserves to be in the driver’s seat of her own life and is dedicated to helping women achieve that. Realizing her journey was a process, she wanted to do more than coaching to offer women support, so she wrote a book.

I Understand Why You Would Want Me, but Why Would I Want You? shares stories of women and builds on the ideas of growth, strength & self-love. The book is designed to help women identify their own needs and make choices that are right for them. By providing a space for reflection and growth, the author hopes to empower women to create the lives they want to live.

In a quick chat with the author and life coach, Tiffany shares what inspired her to write her book, its power for women, and its emotional impact on her writing it.

You are not only a coach, but you are also an author. What inspired you to write a book?

My mission is to coach women post-breakup and divorce on the importance of self-love so they can find and embrace the strength and authenticity within themselves. I wanted to write this book to give women a handy how-to guide on using self-love as a healing tool after a divorce or terrible breakup. During these tough times, everything can feel overwhelming. That’s why I wanted to create a simple, step-by-step overview of how to heal. I believe healing is about putting one foot in front of the other. With the steps outlined in my book, I want to give readers the tools they need to fall in love with themselves by putting one foot in front of the other. 

Your book’s title holds a lot of power. What is the key theme and/or message in the book?

The title says it all. I Understand Why You Would Want Me, but Why Would I Want You? – as the title suggests – puts women in the driver’s seat of their lives. In a time that can feel very up in the air or out of control, my book is a reminder of the unwavering autonomy they have in their journey. 

In my book, I take you through my healing and how I worked up the courage to leave my marriage and find acceptance and permission within myself. I supplement my journey with the healing of how one of my clients took back her power and raised her two children after her husband cheated on her. My book will teach you that no matter how deep and painful your wounds are, you will be able to heal.

How do you deal with the emotional impact of a book as you are writing the story?

It’s interesting. Most people experience breakups, so the occurrence of a breakup is quite common. Yet, the pain is so unique, so personal, and so hyper-targeted at our sense of self and self-worth. Even if months, years, or even decades pass between your present and the heart-wrenching pain of a breakup, I believe many can remember the pain as if it were yesterday. Writing about my journey is never “easy,” but it is part of my path, part of what brought me to this moment where I’m able to help women overcome their toxic relationships. Therefore, I let my story empower me as I hope it empowers others. I no longer feel sad or in pain talking about my past. And when I discuss the stories of other women, I feel an immense sense of pride because of their journey and how they’ve also been able to help inspire other women through their healing. 

How can people connect with you, your business, find your book, etc.?

The best way to connect with me is to find me on Instagram @daretobyou or book a call with me through my website at You can purchase I Understand Why You Would Want Me But Why Would I Want You? on Amazon and

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