Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Hindering Your Mental Health? Dr. Shanee Dennis-Morgan Weighs In

Soon the hottest topic will be New Year’s resolutions. Some folks have already made theirs. It’s definitely a subject we can all relate to, right? We’ve all been there, making grand plans to transform ourselves as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. But have we ever stopped to consider the toll it might take on our well-being? That’s where Dr. Shanee Dennis-Morgan, the brilliant mind behind Dennis-Morgan Coaching & Consulting, comes in. She’s an expert in the field of mental health and has some invaluable insights to share about this very topic. So, let’s get to know her a bit better and uncover the wisdom she brings to the table. Dr. Shanee Dennis-Morgan, with her extensive experience and expertise, is here to guide us on this journey of self-improvement and mental well-being. Let’s get started!

With the holidays coming up many people starting to think of their New Year’s resolutions. What are your thoughts on how these resolutions can help with overall mental health?

Dr. Shanee: For many of us, the past few years of dealing with various social and personal issues have brought about a great deal of stress, anxiety, depression, and uncertainty about the future. Today, we continue to consider solutions for improving our overall mental and emotional health. As we step into the year 2024, many of us are preparing to implement new year resolutions. In an effort to develop an action plan that is beneficial to your well-being, it is important to consider resolutions that positively impact your mental and emotional health.

What are some of your suggestions and tips?

Dr. Shanee: While preparing your new year resolutions, I encourage you to think about ways to set yourself up for a healthy, prosperous year, by including the following mental health resolutions:

Develop a Self-Care Plan

Whether it’s meditating, exercising, reading a book, or getting a good massage, find ways to take time for yourself. Great self-care practices will help you better cope with daily stressors that are often unavoidable.

Practice Words of Affirmation

Thinking and speaking positive affirmations to yourself will help to reprogram your subconscious, resulting in the ability to manifest your desires. Words have power, and research has proven that when we speak positively about ourselves, we tend to have better outcomes in our daily lives.

Set Aside Time for Fun Activities

Do what brings you joy and happiness; whether that includes taking a family vacation, going on a romantic date, visiting an amusement park, or simply having game-night with family and friends, fun activities and hobbies are great stress relievers.

Keep in mind, the resolutions and goals you decide to implement should be included into your daily routine until they are turned into habits. Making it a habit to take care of yourself is vital to managing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle which ultimately serves to improve your quality of life.

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