A Quick Word with Best-Selling Author and Publisher, Dr. Ashley Little

When it comes to writing, publishing, and book marketing, there are many obstacles that can deter book writers. The good thing is that it does not deter all book writers. As a matter of fact, there are those like, Dr. Ashley Little, that make it very clear that everyone has a story and it should be heard. After all, can you imagine life without stories captured so beautifully in print (digital or physical)?

There is a gratefulness for people like Dr. Little, who has persevered in making so many authors not only have the ability to publish their stories, but also become best-sellers.

Dr. Ashley Little is the CEO and Founder of Little Publishing, a 12X Best-Selling Author, CEO, Founder, and Visionary Author of The HBCU Experience Movement, which is the first black-owned publishing company to publish Prominent HBCU Alumni Stories throughout the world.

She is also an Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur, Media Journalist, Host and Executive Producer of Creating Your Seat At The Table Show, CEO and Founder; as well as Editor-In-Chief of Creating Your Seat At The Table International Magazine, CEO and Founder of T.A.L.K Radio & TV Network.

It was a pleasure to be able to have a few words with Dr. Ashley Little about her writing, her movement, and the inspiration behind it.

H&S: What inspired you to start writing? Was there a specific author or a specific book that made you just say, “I think I want to write a book?” 

Dr. Ashley Little: I have been writing my entire life. My major in college was English. It was destined for me to be a writer, publisher, and author. Writing has always been therapeutic and healing for me since an early age.

H&S: Writing is definitely a form of therapy and healing. You are the CEO and CO-Founder of the HBCU Experience Movement. But before we talk about that, having attended an HBCU, how does the recent election (especially in Georgia) make you feel?

Dr. Ashley Little: I am a proud HBCU graduate and proud Black woman. Kudos to the amazing Stacey Abrams. She is the definition of not giving up and turning lemons into lemonade. Lastly, she is the definition of what it means to be resilient with great execution. She is a product of an HBCU!

H&S: Okay, so let’s talk about this movement and the power of it. Why is it so special to you and why should everyone know about it?  

Dr. Ashley Little: The HBCU Experience Movement, LLC the first Black-owned company to publish books written and published by prominent alumni throughout the world who attended Historically Black Colleges & Universities. As authors, they share a powerful collection of stories on how their unique college experience has molded them into the people they are today.

The company’s goal is to change the narrative by sharing Black stories and investing financially back into our HBCUs to increase young alumni giving and enrollment. Everyone should know about it because it is important for us to document and share our stories no one can tell our stories like us so let’s change the narrative and create legacy for generations to come.

H&S: We definitely need a change in the narrative and are happy to see this come to full fruition because the impact is needed.

How can people connect or keep in touch with you?

People can connect with me at the following:

Website: www.ashleylittleenterprises.com

Instagram: @_ashleyalittle

Facebook: Dr. Ashley Little

LinkedIn: Dr. Ashley Little

Clubhouse @drashleylittle

Email Address: info@ashleyalittle and aalittle08@gmail.com 

Dr. Pamela Gurley

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Dr. Pamela Gurley is a Professional Speaker, Media Journalist, and Author. She has been featured in Forbes; on Good Morning Washington, Good Day Atlanta, and others.

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