Award-winning and bestselling Author of the Niyah Zuri books series, Motivational Speaker, and Business Owner, Anna Nyakana is all about change. Not just promoting change but campaigning for it and contributing to it.

To spotlight this intelligent, social advocate and activist, we got to quickly catch up with her to get a deeper understanding of her mission and aspiration for the future of education for our youth.

H&S: What is the 365 campaign and why is it important?

Anna: Black History cannot be quantified in only 28 days for it contains the History of ALL History: the Origins of this World! Therefore, it should be celebrated, discussed, studied, and glorified 365 days a year.

H&S: How can you get people to “buy in” to the idea of its success?

Anna: Our advancements and contributions have molded every cultural background known to man, so there shouldn’t be a reason for society to “buy in” but rather apply this critical understanding to bring forth unity and love on a global scale. Black History is created every day, so let’s not downplay this fact or hide it from the masses; let’s honor our ancestors from the past while uplifting those in our present. I’ll be right here continuing the work. 

H&S: Why is diversity in schools so important for the social well-being of students?

Anna: We have a responsibility to expose children to the rest of the World, including the communities in which they live. This in turn will ensure we are developing well-rounded students that will mature into compassionate, understanding, and empathetic global citizens; consider how this change could impact the current state of the World.

H&S: How can a shift in the climate of the school system reinforce social awareness and self-esteem?

Anna: We need to strike at the minds of the youth, while they’re malleable, while they know no malice, while they know no prejudice, before that seed of ignorance is planted.  Moreover, diversity promotes a child’s creativity as it adds perspective, depth, rhythm, flavor, and essence to an otherwise one-dimensional and predictable environment. Diversity in the classroom is critical for its shapes the very society that children will grow up to inherit; let’s make this World worthy of them.

H&S: Anna, we love how you are creating this dynamic movement through books and campaigns. You are definitely diversifying the view of the world through literature and education by going against the norm of what society says things should be. We will be following your progression and supporting you in any way we can. Thank you for taking the time to chat with Hustle and Soul.

Connect with Anna Nyakana on all social media platforms @Niyah_Zuri.

Dr. Pamela Gurley

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Dr. Pamela Gurley is a Professional Speaker, Media Journalist, and Author. She has been featured in Forbes; on Good Morning Washington, Good Day Atlanta, and others.

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