Angelina Cortez Introduces PETS2GO International As A Luxurious Way To Continue Embracing And Cherishing Fur Babies

I don’t know if you’re like me, but my pets are family! Of course, there are some boundaries but like in any family there should be boundaries (but that’s a different conversation). And just like any family, you want your pets healthy and loved. However, many pets do not get the privilege of spending their life with those who will cherish them and allow them to live in your apartment without paying rent. Every fur baby deserves a home and not the feeling of rejection that ultimately leads to euthanization. 

Voices are rising on the horizon with a cry for the adoption of pets to keep them off the streets and out of shelters. This doesn’t just help animals but brings joy to the new owners as they get to share a bond with a lifelong friend. One of those voices includes U.S. Veteran Angelina Cortez. The American businesswoman is an advocate for pets around the world hoping to ensure they experience joy. Angelina focuses on creating high-end products for the hospitality and travel industries for the enjoyment of little fur babies around the world. Furthering the breaking of the feelings of rejection and abandonment off of pets around the world, Angelina Cortez’s company PETS2GO International paves the way for pet owners to enjoy their travels with their pets. She spoke with me about the brilliancy of her company and what’s all in-store. 

Check it out below. 

Before we jump into your vocation, I want to get a little information about what’s it like to be a businesswoman the obstacles thereof. So being a woman who is a U.S. Veteran, thank you by the way for all of your services, was it difficult becoming an American businesswoman? 

Angelina I appreciate that. And yeah, of course, the difficulty lies with creating new habits that I had not seen demonstrated. So essentially, paving the way is always going to be the most challenging in any journey. 

Did you have the backing? 

Angelina I invested in myself the whole way, from $5 to $550,000, nobody was going to come and give me the money. You have to prove your business to yourself first and then others will follow. 

Did people appreciate you stepping out getting another ranking outside of being an American soldier? 

Angelina Well, yes, definitely some of the young ladies that I met along the way.

I ask these questions because many women are branching into business endeavors and I believe it’s quite beneficial for them to see different perspectives. Now you are the founder of PETS2Go International and I am aware that you have been loving pets since your early childhood, but what fueled you into becoming a pet advocate? 

Angelina The fact that thousands of beautiful pets are put into a gas chamber every week. I don’t like that; I believe that my presence and ingenuity can create a new way of life for these pets and their future owners. 

And what do you, in more detail, advocate for? 

Angelina We advocate for spay & neuter legislation to help slow down the number of unwanted pets as well as promote the adoption of pets from local shelters. Not many people are in favor of or even aware of this option nor the dire need behind it. 

 So PETS2Go International is a luxury, pet hospitality, and amenity brand bridging the gap between hotels and the luxury pet travel experience. When people hear the word “luxury” they automatically run. Is this feasible for all pet owners? 

Angelina Absolutely it is because this is the type of gift that is fun yet functional and our products/luxury goods, meet the traveler at their preferred accommodations, without the otherwise stress of buying “family-sized” pet items and trying to figure out where to pack them. 

It’s a luxury experience for pets, but what does it entail? My pets are a tad bit spoiled and picky and they love the luxury life. 

Angelina When you show up to your hotel, your fur baby will be greeted with their own pet accommodation suite, this includes our finest products such as our Puppy mini. Our gift pack includes everything from Harts lavender gel, pee pads, a waste bag dispenser, to a holistic doggy snack and BPA-free watering bowl.

That sounds amazing. And congratulations on securing partnerships with some hotels and on your new line PuppyMini Giftpacks. Would you mind sharing a little more about that and what else we can expect from you this year? 

Angelina Yes, it’s been an exciting year for us so far. We expect to grow our brand across many platforms from economy accommodations to 5-star accommodations, taking care of pets no matter what the financial status of their pet parents.

In what ways can we all stay connected to ensure our little fur babies get to experience all of the amazingness? 

Angelina Sure, you can find us at or follow us on most social platforms including Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter 

Be sure to connect and spoil your fur baby this year with luxury.

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