Angelica Prescod Disrupts Spaces to Further the Movement of Inclusivity

Is diversity out and inclusivity in? Are we fighting for something we don’t even understand? These questions plague many business owners as they fight to progress in their industry. Do we pick one over the other or can we have both? Well, the only way to ensure the success of such is to connect with professionals with proven results of incorporating inclusivity which ultimately results in diversity. 

I had the honor to speak with philanthropist, inspirational speaker, business mentor, and forward-thinking legacy builder, Angelica Prescod. The celebrated 7-figure business coach believes that disruption of one’s life creates an action that changes futures for the better. And I couldn’t agree more! With a mission to provoke women to rise above the stereotypes associated with being a woman, she has broken many glass ceilings with her success in incorporating more inclusivity in rooms that hut doors on many. Check out what she had to say!

Ms. Angelica Prescod, you have a proven track record in positively disrupting non-inclusive spaces. And we’re currently hearing the push for inclusivity, but what does that actually entail? I think people love that word but don’t know what it means.

Angelica Prescod: Creating a break in the norm by reaching into the communities that are underrepresented by creating a successful track with a timeline to achieve success within the income and influence levels that are currently nonexistent.  

What does an ‘aha’ moment for you consist of?

Angelica Prescod: When the disenfranchised wake up to see their power. 

You are dedicated to elevating women’s platforms and creating safe spaces for them to recognize opportunities. I have two questions about this picture. Would you consider yourself a women’s empowerment specialist or a feminist? I ask because these two things are becoming so blurred. And how important is it to become one or the other in today’s time?

Angelica Prescod: Both. I think to be one is in itself to be the other.  We all know that the capacity within women is not captured at the level that it should and it’s only limiting everyone’s success. It’s imperative to be both in this time because many of us aren’t achieving the goals we need because we are not all empowered together.

What does a typical day look like for you in the aspects of cultivating and nurturing and creating?

Angelica Prescod: Coaching others, discussing solutions for corporations to create equity and generational positive change amongst families. 

Is there anything you’re specifically working on right now that individuals can begin connecting with you on? And how can they stay connected?

Angelica Prescod: I’m working on a podcast called “across all colors” where we are having positively disruptive conversations to inspire and enlighten others into an action that impacts their future beyond their own lifetime. 

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