An Interview with Personal Coach and Business Consultant Shylise M. Simpson

Shylise is a Personal Coach with a focus on financial literacy, that has a passion for helping the urban community reach new financial levels. Making great investments and studying Economics for years, she now teaches others how to organize their money and their business as well as how to put it to work so that one day, they won’t have to. Shylise’s financial savviness has allowed her to follow her dreams of property ownerships and investments that has her living her best life.

You’re Title is Personal Coach and Business Consultant. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?
Actually, I’m an Entrepreneur and Personal Coach. I assist entrepreneurs through the times when it is difficult in building a business and understanding their finances and how it relates to their growth. A lot of entrepreneurs start their businesses but can’t tell you how much it costs to start their businesses or run them. I assist them with organizing and itemizing their finances and structuring their budgets for growth. Sometimes when entrepreneurs start their businesses they’re just focused on their product or their service they’re not always focused on the path to profitability and how to scale their business to the next level. I also show them that there are multiple paths to profitability and how to build and organize to attain those roads and paths to new profits. I am there to guide them, give them advice, and encourage them during times that they are struggling. I assist them with creating resolutions to challenges in their business creating systems that will allow their businesses to grow while giving them support so that they are healthy mentally to grow their businesses. 
I’m extremely passionate about my entrepreneur’s growth as well as personal growth because that is extremely important for our community to build strong entrepreneurs with an excellent work-life balance. We have a lot of people that start businesses but they don’t succeed or they don’t grow because they don’t have someone to talk to or help them through the tough times or work through the challenges and they hit a wall. That’s what I’m there for to tear down that wall so that they may continue to grow mentally personally and financially

Tell us about “I REMEMBER When Life Wasn’t SH!T”, and how it connects to financial literacy?
Well, I REMEMBER when life wasn’t Sh!T is a self-help and motivational book it is extremely personal because I do have personal stories in there. I wrote this book because I am a person that has gone through a lot of things in my life that affected my personal growth. I was raised in the streets I dealt with self-esteem I had issues with dealing with change and all of those things affected me all of those things affected my financial situation. You ask how does it affect the financials well if you’re not mentally balanced or you’re still dealing with emotions from your past you cannot see your future you cannot see opportunities that stand right before you. Before you begin to build a business a brand or even yourself you must deal with things in your past and correct issues within yourself. So this book was written to motivate someone that may have been in my shoes to help the reader understand I’m not the lucky one I just put in the necessary work to change my life and take on a new path.
I remember when I was going through my issues in my life I couldn’t believe that the person on the other side of the table could understand where I was coming from because I always felt that they were lucky, their life was different, or it was something special about them. But as I began to grow, I realize that they just put in the work they did what was necessary to change the wrongs in their life to build their self-esteem to change their anger issues, or even change. And I realized that if I did not change I would never reach my goals I would never become the person that I envisioned that I could be. I found myself trying to be that person while still being the other person and that never worked. 
So that’s how this book relates to finance you must fix yourself before you can think that you can obtain your dreams and the things that you want in life it is important that you work on the problems and issues that you have within yourself so that you may be 110% yourself. Because if you’re dealing with issues of your past your self-esteem your loneliness your sadness your hurt your pain then you cannot focus on your future 100% because everything you touch will be tainted by all those issues that you have festering in your mind. so remember when life was a s*** is about you dealing with those issues that are festering in your mind so that you can become the person that you are supposed to be and receive the gifts in the glory that you are supposed to receive that you are wishing for that you are dreaming for sometimes your businesses aren’t working out because you have personal issues that you have not dealt with. And until you deal with these issues and deal with these problems you will always ask yourself why is this not working out for me? I’ve done everything I can why is this not happening for me. I was that person asking that question until I realized I was tainting situations that were meant to take me to my goal. So I hope that by reading I remember when life wasn’t Sh!t I hope that you can deal with some of the issues that are festering in your brain that is keeping you from your glory your financial Glory trust me once you start to deal with some of the embedded issues in your mind you will start to see yourself being blessed and given the goals in the financial dreams that you want. it a lot of times we stunt ourselves I was that person that was stunting myself and I realized that until I stopped stunting my growth I would never see the financial Glory that I felt I deserved and until I can deal with those issues and stop putting my problems off on other people I was never going to see that I can never be the best leader that I am I can never be the best CEO that I am if I’m dealing with all of these issues so this book will hopefully get you beyond some of your issues at least be one in your library to help you see that she went through it hopefully I can get through it too.

Do you think women are more affected by money worries than men?
Absolutely not I think financial worries are unisex I think the person that worries about money is the person that is not financially literate. If you understand your finances and how they work and understand how to grow your money you will not be worried about money so I don’t think it’s a male or female thing I think it’s more about understanding all of your resources when it comes to your finances. I believe the person who is not worried about money is the person who is wise with their money is the person that is utilizing all of their resources when it comes to their finances.

As a Personal coach, what is your best financial advice for the urban community?
My financial advice for the urban community is to stop thinking that you can only save in a bank. Start letting your money produce more money for you. Learn other financial avenues like the stock market, bonds, and ETFs things that can produce a return for you. However, I would not jump into these things without doing a lot of research, study, and advice.

Who is Shylise M. Simpson?
I’m someone who has gone through I want to say ups and downs learning experiences trials and tribulations. I’m someone who never thought I would be helping others build their lives their financial futures their businesses. I’m someone who has lived experience and I am passionate about helping others and getting them to understand and see that they can do anything that they put their minds to you build the mind and you can build the business you build the mind and you can build the person you build the mind and you can build and live that dream. I believe that. I am someone who has walked in many shoes and I’ve come out on the other side with a lot of knowledge experience passion that I love giving others. Me I would like to say I’m just a regular woman who wants to see people thrive and get to their next level to try to get them their dreams to try to help them when no one helped me I am Coach Shylise.

What is it that you do for your clients?
Well, each client is different each client has different specific and unique needs. But to sum it up I give guidance I encourage I give advice I problem solve I help motivate and I’m there when they’re ready to give up I’m here to let them know to keep going. Just imagine a football coach to a football player they’re there to make sure they play the game exactly the way they’re supposed to play it and win. That’s me for my entrepreneurs

Who should come to you for services?
Anyone ready to start their business may need advice on the steps to take would come for my service. If you already have a business and you’re looking to scale your business or grow your business or take your business to the next level they would come for service. If you are a leader and have employees who need to be motivated to achieve the job that you want them to achieve, they would come for service.  I offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching, staff coaching and I also have online classes and services.

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