Since 2010, Washington, DC based, Montage Public Relations, LLC (MontagePR), has catered to the Sports, Fashion Entertainment, Events and Tourism Industries through branding, media planning and strategic marketing services. Endorsed for Best Publicity and Event Planning by The George Washington University, and winner of the Small Cap Awards and Rowan University Public Relations National Organ Donor Awareness Competition, Camille Davis of MontagePR is known for planning, executing and launching high-profile Public Relations & Marketing campaigns, Promotions and Events.

MontagePR acquired placements for their clientele with WeTV, Essence, ABC, CBS, and features in SHEEN Magazine, The Washington Business Journal, The Examiner, Washington Life, Sirius XM, Radio One and more.

CEO, Camille Davis possesses a B.A. in Public Relations from Penn State (2007) in addition to a Master of Tourism Administration from GWU (2009). She is considered a Media, Events and Branding expert. After re-branding in 2019, MontagePR exclusively focuses on increasing brand awareness, loyalty and Retention for Small-and-Women Owned Businesses in Washington, DC. Leaving her legacy and building community is of the utmost importance. She has worked on campaigns with companies from The Ritz Carlton and Ameriprise Financial to public figures such as Elisa Silverman, Sequo Biddle and Tabi Bonney.

Hustle and Soul got an opportunity to speak to Camille about how she is handling the global pandemic, success and self care.

HS: During this global pandemic, how are you managing your day to day?
DAVIS: Fortunately, as an Entrepreneur, I am able to work remotely. The past two, almost three weeks have been spent at home; however, time is now split between business, meal prep and home schooling my three-year old son… making the work day shorter. Although reporters and editors may not like it, I make time through late-night or early-morning pitches for media placements. Meetings now occur solely on conference-and-video calls.

HS: What made you re-brand your business?
DAVIS: I decided to re-brand and show people what I do, rather than tell them. As a DC Native, it has become increasingly important to me to leave a legacy amongst my immediate community. After the death of Nipsey Hussle in 2019, I decided to focus all of my efforts to the businesses that make our communities thrive, yet often the least likely to succeed due to lack of funding. I am now committed to serving women-owned, black-and-brown-owned small businesses.

HS: Has the recent changes affected your business? If so, How so?
DAVIS: Where small businesses had little budget for Public Relations before, that budget has now dissolved. All, but one, businesses that I represent have had to downsize, close their doors or shift funds to support day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, Public Relations is not their priority at this time. My business is now in jeopardy of dissolution because of that.

HS: How have you advised your clients to stay relevant and visible during this time?
DAVIS: I have advised my clients to focus on positive stories. Now, is the time to spin the story… to pitch angles focused on COVID-19, success and building community during adversity. I have also been advising my clients to rely on technology and interview remotely.

HS: What would be your perfect side hustle and why?
DAVIS: My perfect side hustle would be catering… I love to cook and dream of enrolling in culinary school during retirement.

“The future is female” means it’s finally our time! Women are in a position now like never before. Female leaders, female disruptors… women are making noise, and claiming their stake unapologetic-ally. It’s overdue.

“The future is female” also means universal sisterhood. We recognize the power of the woman and the force of women united.

HS: What is your self care regimen?
DAVIS: Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered this yet. I have a ton to work on… hydrating, spare time to read, beauty sessions, etc. I am a fairly new mom, whose son just turned three last week. Taking time for myself needs improvement, but I can say that I am getting back to myself and resting more that I am no longer breastfeeding and pumping.

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