Actress Star Bentley Conrad Talks About New Film Reminiscence

Actress Star Bentley Conrad, Reminiscences with Hugh Jackman 

Contributor: Jules Lavallee

How did you begin your career in the entertainment industry? 

I was living in Mt View California where I was doing hair for my friends and they saw my Gift for hair and they were saving money to get me into cosmetology school, then I moved back to Los Angeles and lived with my sister and got back in cosmetology school and graduated and went to makeup artistry school and landed into the industry doing hair and makeup on movie sets in Hollywood. My career started in the industry in the ’80s doing hair and makeup on movie sets in the industry. And doing various things like videos, I was fortunate to do Teena Marie’s video and obtained her autograph on my business card. Which I still have. Great artist, her music is timeless. I have had my share of ups and downs and struggles for sure. I don’t know how to feel sorry for myself, I just know SUCCESS belongs to me.

You had taken time off from the industry. Tell us about that time. (your diagnosis with COLON cancer.) What did you learn about yourself during that time? 

I was diagnosed with COLON cancer in 2009 I was by myself and ALL I knew was I wanted to live, so I asked God what do I need to do to help you help me heal and live, God’s reply was, praise me, worship me and surround yourself with LAUGHTER, before I knew I knew it I had to go through surgery to remove a foot of colon, and I then had to wear an ostomy bag for 2 years, the pathology report came back no other cancer in my body. I’m 11 years plus cancer-free.

Years later you came back into the industry. 

After years had passed raising children and taking care of my parents and walking away from the marriage, I relocated to Dallas and found my passion in the industry and went back to acting school and graduated and got an Agent and started from the bottom doing a lot of extra work and then directors would put me in the main scene with the stars, and got several speaking roles. After several conversations with people in the industry, they SAID this is where I belong, I have loved acting since a child, in fact, I got my nickname from my parents, I was their little Movie Star, and it stuck, I hope to work with the cast of Fast and Furious the last saga number 10. That is my most sincere prayer to be in that movie even if it’s a crowd scene. I also admire many others, that I Absolutely LOVE, ICE CUBE, ICE-T in SVU law and Order I would LOVE to do an episode as well as Chicago P.D. it’s hard work, but well worth it, I couldn’t walk 5 years ago, so being successful is my focus, doing this interview is a huge blessing, because I didn’t see it coming. 

One of my first speaking roles back in the industry was Murder Made Me Famous The Osama Bin Laden story. I’m a Federal TSA Security Agent. On the reelz CHANNEL.

Your new film, Reminiscence stars Hugh Jackman. What intrigued you about this role? Tell us about the film.

Right before they shut down production on everything because of the PANDEMIC, I was able to do NCIS New Orleans and Claws and a movie with Hugh Jackman called Reminiscence, and the Director puts me in the scene where I am talking on the corner with another Actor and the camera is on us because Hugh Jackman is coming around the corner, I got to chat with him and he is an extremely amazing humble

What intrigued me about Reminiscence was meeting Hugh Jackman, because everyone was like melting like butter, and I got to chat with him, and said, Mr. Jackman, he SAID Yes, I said I talked to the Director and told him not to put me so close to you when filming, so I wouldn’t take the SHINE from you, he laughed and then SAID oh, my God what is your name, I SAID Star, he SAID he would never FORGET me…LOL, then I mentioned for me to stay on set filming, my casting Agent asked me if I could have a different look, and Mr. Jackman replies, oh, your quite the chameleon….LOL

The second day I get to set I’m in dark hair, so where I am placed, here comes Hugh Jackman and I clear my throat and he looks over and I say your chameleon is here, he says STAR…. oh, my God the dark hair looks great on you. We had a great laugh, it’s just a natural feeling being on set filming.

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