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Actor DeMark Thompson, His Journey as an Actor, Not a Solo Act

Actor DeMark Thompson, His Journey as an Actor, Not a Solo Act


You have an outstanding career. You are best known for your work in The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 (2014), and Bumblebee (2018). What do you look for in a role? What challenges you? 

I look for range in a role. I’ve learned while training that much of our best work can come from roles that we may never consider ourselves for. Roles that “scare” us if that makes sense. I’m very comfortable and excited about fun, action parts and have learned the roles that force me to dig deep and really search for truth within myself, those are the ones that will challenge me to greatness. 

Who inspired you to act? 

My mother was a huge inspiration for me to pursue acting. Pressing on each day in honor of her and on the promise I made gives me strength. 

Throughout the pursuit of your career, you have maintained a tightly knit relationship with your family. What did you learn from your family that makes you the great Actor you are today? 

My family has been through a lot. We have cancer survivors who can tell you a story of how faith and family kept them going during their road to recovery. Family can also be your biggest fans, which mine are, and are always excited to hear about my next project. My journey as an Actor isn’t for me alone. It’s also in honor of my family past and present. We’re supposed to leave a legacy for future generations and I pray I can do that very thing for mine. 

You have played numerous roles from a doctor to an Arc Angel and you have worked with several of Hollywood finest including Will Smith, Ed Harris, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kerry Washington, Phylicia Rashad, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. How has your craft evolved? 

Training has helped me evolve into who I am today as an Actor. I had a breakthrough moment while training one day in my acting class, at Margie Haber Studios, where I set myself free. I no longer strived to be perfect. I was now working to be present and what a difference that made almost immediately. It took me a while to get to that point but when I did, everything changed for the greater. That freedom carried over to working with some of the very best in the business. You will evolve quickly when you’re on the set with other great Actors. 

Describe your perfect role. 

I’m not sure if I have a perfect role. I’ve auditioned for some really good ones that I thought were perfect for me and wasn’t booked so with that said, my perfect role would be one I’m perfectly cast for. We’ve all seen productions and have said, “that person was perfect for that part.” That’s my desire as an actor.  

What will a Director notice first about you? 

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Directors will notice my enthusiasm to work and the preparation I put in for the job. Every role I book is a win for me and I celebrate it as such. I don’t take it lightly when I’m cast and the same energy and excitement I had from booking my very first role follows me to next. 

Share your upcoming projects. 

Well, we’re slowly coming out of this pandemic lockdown so there hasn’t been much going on at all. I play a doctor in a film called “Rescued” that will be released when things are up and running again. I’ve also had four table reads, via Zoom, with some major producers and writers since the industry shut down. All are currently being pitched with hopes of being picked up. Anything can certainly happen if they are.

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