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About Us

Hustle & Soul Magazine is a lifestyle media company with daily updated web content and bi-monthly print/digital magazine. The Magazine Conglomerate is read by men and women throughout the world and holds an influential voice within the social good community. Hustle & Soul Magazine covers stories about the culture, fashion, social innovation and community, people and organizations making a difference locally and globally, conscious culture, and how-to’s for social entrepreneurship and nonprofit work, and more.

People say we are “changing the world” but really we are “changing the conversation,” and we invite you to join us. We share stories of people who work boldly above and beyond their everyday responsibilities to inspire others. We talk about local and global problems and their solutions. 

What is our Vision?

We are looking to build a community of writers to lead the conversation when it comes to the latest in conscious culture – share about the big ideas, the problems, the solutions, and engage our readers with educational awareness of where our world is today by highlighting nonprofit work, innovative ideas, and more.