Aari & Co. Herbal Infusion Product Review

Hustle and Soul Magazine would like to introduce you to a new all-natural, handmade brand called Aari & Co. A Southern-based all-natural skincare brand is proud to announce the release of the new product line. All products are handmade, toxin, and cruelty-free, and all ingredients are ethically traded and sourced.

Aari & Co. is committed to creating products that combine herbal infusion, organic oil, and butter to rejuvenate skin and hair and help users glow from the outside in.
Aari & Co is formulated for all skin types and offers a wide range of products, from shampoo bars and conditioners to facial cleansers to an entire body soap collection.

One thing that connects all of these products is that they all stay true to Aari & Co. and Shanetta’s vision and mission. They are sustainable, plant-based, and even packaged in recyclable paper. Aari & Co. customers are already raving about the product.

A Few Benefits:

  • Handmade
  • All-natural
  • Ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly 
  • Combine essential vitamins, organic oils, and botanicals to restore skin and hair 
  • Products created to leave skin moisturized and clean feeling

I had the honor to personally try these amazing new products for myself and was super excited to tell you all about my experience with Aari & Co. Hattie Que Soap Collection: Kandice which is Moisturizing+Hydrating+Rejuvenates Skin. The soap bar is 4oz, the ingredients include organic Shea Butter, saponified oils, organic cocoa, and Aari & Co. herbal blend.

I must admit I could not stop smelling the bar for about 2 minutes lol. As soon as you unwrap the bar package and soak up the scent you will keep smelling it as well. It smells very refreshing.

I ran the water at a warm temperature and washed my hands. I have dry hands and am very particular as to which soaps I use to wash my hands with. Kandice is outstanding because after I dried my hands, my hands still felt smooth and moisturized.

I then began to rub the soap onto my face. The smoothness and relaxing feeling were what I felt I needed to end my hard-working day. The soap took my makeup off immediately. Anyone who wears makeup knows this is a fantastic quality in a bar of soap.

Though the soap had already done the job, I said to myself why not try the Herbal Infused Facial Moisturizer as well. On the jar, it says ” Goodnight Beautiful” which surely put a smile on my face. The experience so far just had me in such an epic and positive vibes mood.

As instructed, I used just a dime size amount and began to rub it all around my face. Some of these ingredients include Water, Kokum Butter, Hemp Oil, Aari & Co. Herbal Infusion, Plantaserve E, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

After I blended the Herbal Infused Facial Moisturizer I looked in the mirror and saw a radiant glow to me. Now it was time for some peaceful sleep. I highly recommend these products to anyone. I felt great inside and out!

For more info please visit https://aaricompany.com.

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