A Journey of Healing: Author Chavis D. Walker Shares Publishing Her First Book

Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment, and for Chavis D. Walker, it was also a journey of healing. Walker began writing as a way to process her own challenges and truths, and the act of sharing her work with the world has been transformative. “It feels amazing to finally be able to share my story with the world,” she says. “I want people to know that they’re not alone,” she says. “There is hope, and there is healing.”

In Walker’s recently published book, “Refined: A Guide To Accept And Release The Things That No Longer Serve You,” she unleashes the emotions from her spiritual guidance as she wrote the book and delivers her testimony to be a guide to helping others. Writing can be cathartic in so many ways. From how much time you dedicate to doing it to your mind playing tricks on you making you feel you can’t do it. No matter what, Walker knew it was her legacy to publish.

Sitting and chatting with the newly minted published author, she shared her journey and the challenges she faced publishing her book.

Tell us about your first published book. What was the journey like?

Publication of my first book has been exhilarating, to say the least. So many emotions! I feel accomplished and so proud of myself. There is something sweet about starting something, but the greatest reward is finishing and seeing the final product. I did not think anything could feel better than that, but there was. Being able to hold this book in my hands and give it to my parents, husband, and children was beyond any words I can describe. I have a fantastic editor who sharpened me, told me the truth, and supported me from beginning to end. It was a very grace-filled process. I had to be very mindful not to give myself excuses for having too much time away in between. I had to learn when to rest and when to keep going.

On a typical day, how much time do you spend writing?

 I spend about two hours a day writing. My daily regimen keeps me grounded and aligns with my continued healthy healing journey. I journal in the morning, write new daily affirmations, and repeat the process at night before bed.  I also do a wellness check mid-day to decompress. It helps me remain grounded and accountable for my mental wellness and manage how I respond to stress or feel anxious and overwhelmed throughout the day. Being healed requires daily work. Self-love is and will forever be the standard for how I live my life forward. This has revived my love for writing.

What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book?

As intentional as I am about creating work-life balance and prioritizing self-care. I became slightly conflicted about what self-care should look like for a spell. I had an ah-ha moment and regrounded myself. Writing this book was self-care and very rewarding, might I add. I had to remember that this was attached to my legacy, and it should not feel like a task. It should remain as pure and pleasurable as it was when God downloaded the assignment in my spirit. I was not to allow myself to feel rushed and plagued with deadlines. But to remain gentle with me and open.

What advice would you give a new writer, someone just starting?

For anyone that wants to write a book, do it. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you and tell you that you can’t. Everyone has a story to tell, and there will always be someone somewhere that feels the same way that you do. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say. I would encourage you to discover your why and always let that be the reason you do anything. Your book and your insight could save a life. Don’t get distracted by what you don’t know will happen. Be optimistic about what can happen.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers? 

Although I have just recently released my first book, I will be releasing the second book on August 4, 2023, Titled Fortitude: When the Math Starts Mathing. In this read, I will reflect on what it’s like to journey in pain against adversity and still be of good courage. This will be a guide to help align you with your why in life. It will teach you how to identify triggers and release the residue that lingers from the post-traumatic experiences you are healing from during the refining process. I will continue to coach people, to become the best versions of themselves.

How can people connect with you, find your books, etc.? 

You can find me through my website @ www. thecoachofcourage.com to learn more about the author and purchase books; if you are interested in taking my accountability courses, you can sign up on the website www.thesynergyhouse.com.

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