A Crisis in the Middle of a Pandemic

What’s the colloquialism now? The ghetto? Is that it? I feel like that’s what I’m looking for! Look, I love Texas. Born and raised there. So trust me when I say my ego is “Texas”, believe it. However, the way they played with my power the day after Valentine’s Day up until that Thursday, February 18th is troubling. Over 4 million people in the state of Texas were without power and some without water. With degrees ranging from 8°- 14° the first night (Monday), ERCOT (this is our first time hearing about these people) decided to perform rolling outages to preserve their precious grids. So many things wrong with this! One, the rolling outages left many powerless for days. Two, the outages left many people seeking warmth in their cars. When I say it felt warmer standing outside than in your home, I am not lying. 

Hospitals had to evacuate due to the lack of heat and low water pressure. These ill-prepared power outages led to the death of so many who didn’t deserve this because of poor leadership. It was quite heartbreaking to see images and videos of pipes bursting, medicine (insulin, etc) having to be disposed of, the elderly freezing, mothers rocking their infants to keep them warm and so much more. Texas along with other southern states were left feeling powerless and angry as there were no answers to their questions. Utility leaders to state officials could not provide the relief that they (we) so desperately deserved. 

And I’ve heard and read the rumors that the issue is because we can’t handle the cold and snow. I can assure you that wasn’t the issue. The loss of power and water posed more of a danger than anything. We can weather the cold. But when there’s no way to keep ourselves warm during the cold it screams trouble. And the mental and emotional uneasiness of last week has caused is enough to scream and cry. My words can’t even describe the immense feeling of pain and hurt and anger we are experiencing. So here are some tips to help ease your mind if you’re experiencing such trauma (even if you’re somewhere else looking in) 

Step 1: Step Away from the Media 

This includes social media as well. Give yourself a detox. It’s great to be informed but take a break. You need it. 

Step 2: Do a Breath Prayer

Take 4 deep breaths. Then close your eyes and…

Exhale chaos. 

Inhale Clarity

Exhale Confusion 

Inhale Hope

Exhale Anxiety 

Take 3 breaths. Repeat. 

Take 2 breaths. Repeat

Take 1 deep breath. 

Not many steps but I hope this helps! Keep your head up. 

Ashley Gipson

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